No Name Guy
Reckless in WWE'12
Billing information
Ring Names No Name Guy
Height 5'9"
Weight 171 Pounds
Born No information given
Hometown No information given
Resides No information given
Billed From No information given
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Trainer(s) No information given
Styles Jobber
Professional career
Debut 2010
Retired Still Active

??? (also known as "No Name Guy") has seemingly infiltrated FSCW as no one knows his origins. Due to his lack of build and wrestling prowess, the fans have yet to respond positively to the No Name Guy as he enters the ring. It’s said that when he walks down the aisle you can hear the sounds of crickets mating.


Commentator, Andre Smith has shown his growing contempt for the No Name Guy because of his lack of information and his ludicrous job application that was displayed on Episode 2. Many feel he's a prankster while others feel he's a legit jobber but doesn't know it yet.

Job app fscw 1
Job app fscw 2
Job app fscw 3
Job app fscw 4

Move List


  • Hasn't won a match so we have no freaking idea.


  • Top Rope Elbow Drop - Usually doesn't go well for him.

Entrance Theme

Currently has no theme as the production team doesn't know him. No Name Guy hasn't met the produciton team and hasn't spoken to a single person about a theme request.

Championship History


No Name guy is yet to win a match in FSCW. With the way things are going it would be smart to bet against him.

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