2010 GCW America's Cup

2010 GCW America's Cup
GCW 2010 America's Cup Logo
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Promotion Global CAW Wrestling
Date July 4, 2010
Venue GCW Arena in the Manhattan Center
City New York City
Theme Song "Hello America" by Def Leppard (for the event)
Last Event GCW Evolution
Next Event GCW Judgment Day 2010

The 2010 GCW America's Cup (also called the U.S. Cup) was created by YankeeBoi50 in order to promote GCW and search for talent. The tournament started the week of June 20th. The quarterfinals are the week of June 27th. The semi-finals and finals will take place at the event itself.

Round 1 Matches

"Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens def. Blake Styles

Tommy Ryan def. Epic Ball

Kevyn Kash def. Cody Hawkins

Mason Kronik def. "American Made Muscle" Tony MacDaniels

Lu Bu def. ExtremeDan

Ben Hitman def. Napoleon

Shadow Vega def. Wild Lobo

Maximum Max def. Christopher Carabella


Tommy Ryan def. "Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens

Mason Kronik def. Kevyn Kash

Lu Bu def. Ben Hitman (Shawn O'Conner and Mr. Canada attacked Ben Hitman before the match)

Maximum Max def. Shadow Vega

CPV: 1. Mason Kronik def. Tommy Ryan- GCW America's Cup Semi-Final (US Final)

2. Lu Bu def. Maximum Max (first time by countout, second time escape, third pin)- GCW America's Cup Semi-Final (International Final)- later 2: Steel Cage

3. (c.)"Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens def. Wild Lobo- Extreme Rules- GCW Light Heavyweight Championship

4. USA vs. International 6-Man Elimination Tag: Team USA (General Larry Platt & Reigns Brothers) vs. Team International (ExtremeDan, Venom, & Mindfreak) - Venom eliminated - ExtremeDan eliminated - Reigns Brothers eliminated by DQ - Mindfreak eliminated by DQ WINNERS: Team USA (Sole Survivor: General Larry Platt)

5. 6-Man All Star Tag Team Match: Icedude, Ben Hitman, & Brent Thompson def. Mr. Canada, Shawn O'Conner, & Quick Silver - Hitman pinned O'Conner after a Maple Knee

6. MAIN EVENT: Lu Bu def. Mason Kronik- GCW America's Cup Final - As a result of winning and not being a GCW Superstar, Lu Bu earns a GCW Smack It Down Contract!