A.W.A.C. Anarchy Rulz
A.W.A.C. Anarchy Rulz
Tagline(s) "Yes. We Have The Balls To Do This..."
Promotion A.W.A.C.
Date March, 31st, 2014
Venue NoDQ Coliseum
City Los Angeles, CA
Theme Song Downstait - "Take It To The Line"
Peroxwhy?gen - "Envelope"
Last Event A.W.A.C. Royal Crumble
Next Event A.W.A.C. Smashlash

A.W.A.C. Anarchy Rulz was a CAW wrestling CPV which took place throughout late March to early April. It featured 12 matches on the card, plus the pre-show which was A.W.A.C.'s sister show, Fury (Episode 4). 


# Matches Stipulations
Pre-Show Bonnie Rockwaller def. "Joyful Knight" Candelilla Cheerleaders Candy Crush Deathmatch
1. Kane (c) def. Spider-Man & Cade Skywalker Hardcore Invitational for the A.W.A.C. Hardcore Championship
2. CM Punk def. Chris Brown "Pure Wrestling Rules" Match
3. Preston Pearce def. Garnett Court NoDQ, 2 Out Of 3 Falls "I Respect You" Match
4. Kobe Bryant def. Antoine Dodson Antoine Dodson Open Challenge
5. CTX (Espio/Chiro) def. Bulk/Skull (C), Chris Jericho/Christian, APA (Zero/Sir Elijah) & Dragon Dragon/Eddie Kingston

5-Team Gauntlet Match for the A.W.A.C. Tag Team Titles

6. Raven def. Amy Rose (C), Marie Kanker, Kuchisake-Onna, Darth Talon, Juri Han, Tifa Lockhart, Snowbird, Zatanna vs. Jessica Pink, Revy, Marilyn Monroe, Nostalgia Chick & Miss Green 15-Woman Open Invitational for the A.W.A.C. Women's Championship
7. Rhett Titus def. Armor King, Todd In The Shadows, Antonio Cesaro, Alex DeLarge & Robbie E. 6-Man A.W.A.C. Contract Ladder Match
8. Koing Webb (A.W.A.C.) def. Austin Juhasz (CXWI), Nicholas Cage (NJCW). Forrest Gump (NCWL), Nobody (EWWE) & Scarlet Spider (OCBF) Interpromotional Elimination Chamber Match
9. Bulma Briefs def. Alexis Rhodes SoCal Steel Cage Match; If Bulma had've lost, she would've been forced to face Iima Valentine at A.W.A.C. Smashlash in an Unsanctioned Match
10. Team A.W.A.C. (Dolph Ziggler/Tails/Lance Storm) def. Team EWWE (The Undertaker/Bane/Randy Orton) 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
11. Shadow the Hedgehog def. Azkadellia (C) Singles Match for the A.W.A.C. World Championship; As per stipulation, the EWWE Invasion is no more and A.W.A.C. lives.
12/Main Event. El Noveno (W/Raven) def. Bray Wyatt (W/Azkadellia) Singles Match


Pre-Show - Bonnie attacked Candelilla with a steel chair after the match.

1 - After the "Pure Wrestling Rules" Match, the Hardcore Title switched hands twice when UCCW's Hedge pinned Kane, then Raven (the ECW one) pinned Hedge. He is currently the A.W.A.C. Hardcore Champion.

5 - Tommy Wiseau left commentary to "play Football" during the match. 

6 - After the last match of the Invitational, The Bullet Club (Revy/Darth Talon) attacked Raven (The Teen Titans one) and Kimberly didn't help her fend off the attack. Then, shockingly, Kimberly transformed into the Psycho Pink Ranger and joined in destroying Raven with Revy and Talon. 

8 - Deadpool replaced Tommy Wiseau and Bobby Spade is colour commentator for the rest of the event.

9 - Iima Valentine sat on commentary for the match. Bulma teleported out of the cage to win the match. Afterwards, it was announced that even if Bulma won or lost, the match was already booked. Therefore, the Unsanctioned Match between Iima and Bulma will officially take place at Smashlash.

11/12 - A.W.A.C. CEO Stephanie McMahon switched the Noveno/??? (Bray Wyatt) and Shadow/Azkadellia matches around due to the personal vendetta Noveno had with EWWE Invasion and the fact that his fiancee, Raven (Teen Titans) was assaulted by Kimberly. 

12 - it was revealed that El Noveno's mystery opponent was Bray Wyatt. Near the match's conclusion, the lights went out, and when they came back on, Kevin Steen returned and laid out Azkadellia with a Package Piledriver.

Misc. - Bobby Spade left commentary after the pre-show due to personal problems. He did not return to the CPV. C