A.W.A.C. Anarchy Rulz XIII is the 13th edition of A.W.A.C.'s Wrestlemania-type CPV, "Anarchy Rulz". 

Anarchy Rulz XIII
Tagline(s) N/A
Promotion A.W.A.C.
Date N/A
Venue NoDQ Coliseum
City Los Angeles, CA
Theme Song Fozzy - "All That Remains"
Last Event A.W.A.C. In Your House
Next Event A.W.A.C. Smashlash


No. Results Stipulations Times
1. Hardly Boyz (Frank/Joe) (C) fought Slipknot (Corey Taylor/Mick Thomson) to a double countout Tag Team Match For The A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Championship 07:09
2. Espio defeated Mr. Rogers, Austin Aries, The Undertaker, Kane and Edge Money In The Bank Ladder Match 28:57
3. The Joker & Noob Saibot defeated Naruto & Pikachu No.1 Contenders Ladder Match For The A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Championship 14:16
4. Nostalgia Critic defeated CM Punk Cali-Cago Street Fight 26:00
5. Team NoDQ/A.W.A.C. (Freddy Krueger/Mr. Clean/David Flair) defeated Team NAW/WEDF (Bret Michaels/Danny Jackpot/Shadow The Hedgehog) 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match 23:51
6. Steve Corino defeated Bob Murdoch Last Man Standing Match 17:48
7. Vega defeated Kevin Steen in Overtime No Holds Barred 60-Minute Ironman Match 63:48
8. Koing Webb (CAW) defeated Randy Orton (WWE) and Rob Van Dam (TNA) Triple Threat Match 08:46
9. Tails (C) defeated Nathan Vamp Singles Match For The A.W.A.C. Interstar Champiosnhip 11:05
10. Kevin Steen defeated Angry Video Game Nerd (C) Singles Match For The A.W.A.C. World Championship 23:56
11. Espio defeated Kevin Steen (C) Singles Match For The A.W.A.C. World Championship 00:10

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