A.W.A.C. Royal Crumble
1 Royal Crumble Poster
Tagline(s) It's All Or Nothing, Baby!
Promotion A.W.A.C.
Date N/A
Venue Oracle Arena
City Oakland, CA
Theme Song Josey Scott - "Just Another War"
Last Event A.W.A.C. No Guts, No Mercy
Next Event TBA

The Royal Crumble is an upcoming CPV produced by A.W.A.C. The main events features the 30-Man Royal Crumble match, where the winner gets an A.W.A.C. World Championship shot at Anarchy Rulz. The entrants are decided through a series of qualifying matches and a random draw. The event is sponsored by Little Baby's Ice Cream.

Royal Crumble Match Rules

  1. Entrant #1 and Entrant #2 will start the match.
  2. Every 90 seconds or so, another entrant will come out according to the number they drew.
  3. This will continue until all 30 entrants have participated.
  4. Elimination occurs when a man is thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet hitting the floor.
  5. The last man in the ring will not only win the RC match, but will also be guaranteed an A.W.A.C. World title shot at Anarchy Rulz.
  6. And yes, I do know this s**t, I am not a n00b. But hey, "I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know" - Sean O' Haire.

Match Card

No. Matches Stipulations
1. TBA

30-Man Royal Crumble Match, winner will get an A.W.A.C. World title match at Anarchy Rulz

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