A.W.A.C. Smashlash
A.W.A.C. Smashlash
Tagline(s) "No More Ms. Nice Girl..."
Promotion A.W.A.C.
Date N/A
Venue Rexall Place
City Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Theme Song Faith No More - "Collision"
Last Event A.W.A.C. Anarchy Rulz
Next Event A.W.A.C. Final Destination

A.W.A.C. Smashlash is an upcoming CPV from Anarchy Wrestling Association of CAW. It will be held at the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The event is sponsored by MARVEL's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Currently, there are nine matches taking place at the event.

A.W.A.C. G-1 Climax Tournament

After Anarchy Rulz, A.W.A.C. held its annual G-1 Climax Tournament. It featured 16 men from various other CAW leagues in a straight-knockout tournament. During the tournament, the current G-1 Climax Champion, Christian, was stripped of the title due his recent concussions and injuries. This left the title vacant and the finals will determine a brand-new A.W.A.C. G-1 Climax Champion.

First Round Results

  • Espio def. Skaar
  • Kevin Mask def. Tristan Taylor
  • Samuel Kingsley def. Koing Webb 
  • Bad News Blackheart def. Dolph Ziggler* 
  • Chiro def. Chris Jericho 
  • Beast def. Lance Storm 
  • Joey Wheeler def. Syrus Truesdale 
  • Jack Stanbridge def. Jack Skellington
  • Blackheart replaced Nailz, who was injured and could not compete.

Quarter-Final Results 

  • Beast def. Kevin Mask 
  • Espio def. Joey Wheeler 
  • Chiro def. Samuel Kingsley
  • Bad News Blackheart def. Jack Stanbridge


A.W.A.C. GM Invisible Man announced the semi-finalists will compete in the finals in an Ultimate G-1 Match.

# Matches Stipulation
1. Espio VS. Chiro VS. Bad News Blaxkheart VS. Beast Ultimate G-1 For The Vacant A.W.A.C. G-1 Climax Championship
2.  Bulma Briefs VS. Iima Valentine Unsanctioned Match 
3.  Stephanie McMahon VS. Amy Rose Singles Match. If Amy loses, then she is fired from A.W.A.C.
4. DeathCeption (El Noveno/Austin Juhasz) VS. Evolution (HHH/Randy Orton/Batista) NoDQ 2-On-3 Handicap Match
5. Antonio Cesaro VS. Jersey Triad (Robbie E./Rhett Titus) 2-On-1 Handicap Match. If Cesaro wins, he gets Titus' A.W.A.C. Contract
6.  CTX (Espio/Chiro) (C) VS. Bulk/Skull VS. Deadly Alliance (Firestar Hart/Johnny Gat) Triangle Ladder Match For The A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Championship
7. Dragon Dragon VS. Eddie KIngston Singles Match
8.  Raven (C) VS. Revy VS. Psycho Pink Triple Threat Match For The A.W.A.C. Women's Championship
9. Kevin Steen VS. Bray Wyatt VS. Cell Triple Threat Match For The Vacant A.W.A.C. World Championship