ACE World Championship
Current champion(s) Sultan Shetty
Date Won 2 March, 2011
League ACE
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Introduced 2011
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Most reigns Tied (Philip Dillmore & Sultan Shetty = 1)
First Champion Philip Dillmore
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Longest Reign Philip Dillmore (17 days)
Shortest Reign Sultan Shetty (3+ days)
Heaviest Champion Sultan Shetty
Lightest Champion Philip Dillmore
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ACE World Championship is a World Championship defended on ACE programming. It was created and unveiled by the general manager; Michael Cole. The match to determine the inaugural champion was an Over the Top Rope battle royal which involved Nathan Explosion, Brandon Shields, Sultan Shetty, and the eventual winner; Philip Dillmore.

General Info

The title is the most prestigious championship in Association for CAW Entertainment, obviously, since it is the leagues World Championship.

List Of Champions

Wrestler: Times: Date No. Of Successful Title Defenses No. of Days Held Notes:
Philip Dillmore 1 February 14, 2011 0 17 Defeated Sultan Shetty, Nathan Explosion, and Brandon Shields.
Sultan Shetty 1 March 2, 2011 0 3+