Danger Zone
ACL Danger Zone
Tagline(s) Enter The Danger Zone
Promotion All-Star CAW League
Date December 2, 2015
Venue AT&T Stadium
City Arlington, TX
Theme Song "Nothing to Lose" by Operator
Last Event ACL Full Metal Panic
Next Event ACL Turn of the Century


ACL World Championship
Spike Spiegel (c) vs. Sebastian Micaelis; Special Referee: Calypso

ACL Crossover Championship
Tsukansa (c) vs. Rin Okumura

Kawaoru Nagisa vs Kenshin Himura

ACL Tag Team Championship
Team Dai-Gurren (Simon & Kamina) (c) vs. Mishima Zaibatsu (Heihachi Mishima & Kazuya Mishima)

ACL Lioness Championship
Shion Sonozaki (c) vs. Mion Sonozaki w/Rene Ryuguu


# Result Stipulation
1 Shion Sonozaki (c) defeated Mion Sonozaki w/Rena Ryuguu Singles Match for ACL Lioness Championship
2 Kenshin Himura defeated Kaworu Nagisa Singles Match
3 Mishima Zaibatsu (Heihachi Mishima & Kazuya Mishima) defeated Team Dai-Gurren (Simon & Kamina) (c) Tag Team Match for the ACL Tag Team Championship
4 Tsukasa (c) defeated Rin Okumura Singles Match for the ACL Crossover Championship
5 Sebastian Michealis defeated Spike Spiegel (c) Singles Match for the ACL World Championship (with Calypso as the Special Guest Rerferee)
  • 3. Kaworu Nagisa helped out Mishima Zaibatsu with a steel chair once again. Mishima Zaibatsu then aligning themselves with The Inner Circle following after the match.
  • 5. Calypso attacked Spike Spiegel at the final minute of the match to help Sebastian win. Calypso then revealing himself to be the true Leader of The Inner Circle.