Path to Victory
ACL Path to Victory
Tagline(s) The Path to the Grand Slam, Starts Here!
Promotion All-Star CAW League
Date April 6th, 2016
Venue Amway Center
City Orlando, FL
Theme Song "The Emperors New Clothes" by Panic! At The Disco
Last Event ACL Maximum Impact
Next Event ACL Final Hour


30 Man Path to Victory Match; Winner faces the ACL World Champion @ All-Star Grand Slam

Last Man Standing Match for the ACL World Championship
Jin Kazama (c) vs. Orochi

ACL Crossover Championship
Rin Okumura (c) vs. Kaworu Nagisa

ACL Tag Team Championship
Triple M (Jax & Barrett) (c) vs. The Envoys (Quan Chi & Vamp)

ACL Lioness Championship
Rene Ryuugu (c) vs. Erza Scarlett

ACL Lioness Tag Team Championship
Witches We Are (Lambdadelta & Bernkastel) (c) vs. Sonozaki Sisters (Mion Sonzaki & Shion Sonzaki)


# Result Stipulation
1 Sonozaki Sisters (Mion Sonzaki & Shion Sonzaki) defeated Witches We Are (Lambdadelta & Bernkastel) (c) by Disqualfication Tag Team Match for the ACL Lioness Tag Team Championship
2 Rena Ryuugu (c) defeated Erza Scarlett Singles Match for the ACL Lioness Championship
3 Kaworu Nagisa defeated Rin Okumura (c) Singles Match for the ACL Crossover Championship
4 The Envoys (Quan Chi & Vamp) defeated Triple M (Jax & Barrett) (c) Tag Team Match for the ACL Tag Team Championship
5 Jin Kazama (c) defeated Orochi Last Man Standing Match for the ACL World Championship
6 Terry Bogard won by last eliminating Spike Spiegel 30 Man Path to Victory Match
  • 1. Lambdadelta attacked Mion with one of the title belts.
  • 4. Two masked men assaulted Triple M before the match. After the match, the two masked men then assaulted Quan Chi and Vamp as The Envoys was celebrated their victory. They revealed themselves as Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot.

Path to Glory Results

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Sebastian Michaelis 6 Haseo
2 Heihachi Mishima 1 Guts
3 Eren Yeager 3 Haseo
4 Gray Fullbuster 5 Gintoki Sakata
5 Alucard 2 Guts
6 Guts 4 Gintoki Sakata
7 Haseo 7 Vamp
8 Gintoki Sakata 13 Levi Ackerman
9 Kazuya Mishima 8 Gintoki Sakata
10 Vamp 10 Tsukasa
11 Squall Leonhart 9 Gintoki Sakata
12 Tsukasa 11 Gintoki Sakata
13 Kite 12 Kenshin Himura
14 Simon 17 Levi Ackerman
15 Kenshin Himura 14 Kamina
16 Ranma Saotome 15 Jax
17 Levi Ackerman 18 Terry Bogard
18 Jax 16 Simon
19 Kamina 19 Terry Bogard
20 Kotesu Kaburagi 20 Barnaby Brooks Jr.
21 Terry Bogard WINNER
22 Barnaby Brooks Jr. 26 Alex
23 The Black Baron 21 Terry Bogard
24 Orochi 22 Terry Bogard
25 Matt Ishida 24 Barnaby Brooks Jr.
26 Paul Phoenix 23 Terry Bogard
27 Alex 27 Spike Spiegal
28 Natsu Dragneel 25 Terry Bogard
29 Keiichi Maebara 28 Terry Bogard
30 Spike Spiegal 29 Terry Bogard

Path to Glory Match Notes

  • Alucard, Guts, Haseo, Squall Leonhart, Tsukasa, and Spike Spiegel made their ACL returns.


  • Heihachi Mishima begged Kaworu to face Rin Okumura in the Crossover Title match but Kaworu declined.