ACL World Championship
ACL World Championship V3
Current champion(s) Kenshin Himura
Date Won December 14, 2017
League All-Star CAW League
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Introduced August 17, 2015
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Most reigns tbd
First Champion Spike Spiegel
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Jin Kazama (276 Days)
Shortest Reign Geese Howard (0 Day)
Heaviest Champion Geese Howard (181 lbs.)
Lightest Champion Sebastian Michaelis (127 lbs.)
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Past design(s) ACL World Championship
ACL World Championship V2

The ACL World Championship is the top title in the All-Star CAW League CAW league. The first champion was determined in a tournament format. Spike Spiegel defeated Terry Bogard in the finals of the tournament to become the first champion at ACL Big Bang. The current champion is Kenshin Himura, who defeated Liquid Snake on December 14, 2017 at All Star Grand Slam 2.

Being a professional wrestling championship, it is not won via direct competition; it is instead won via a predetermined ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a wrestling angle. There have been 7 reigns by seven wrestlers with no vacancies.

Title History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Spike Spiegel
August 17, 2015 107 Days Phoenix, AZ ACL Big Bang Spike became the first champion by defeating Terry Bogard in the ACL World Championship Tournament Finals.
Sebastian Michaelis
December 2, 2015 81 Days Arlington, TX ACL Danger Zone Sebastian won the title due to Calypso attacking Spike at the end of the match.
Jin Kazama
February 21, 2016 276 Days Chicago, IL ACL Maximum Impact Jin defeated Heihachi, Kazuya and Sebastian in a 3 on 1 Gauntlet Match in order to become World Champion.
Terry Bogard
November 23, 2016 259 Days Las Vegas, NV ACL All Star Grand Slam Defeated Jin Kazama and Spike Spiegel in a Triple Threat Match.
Geese Howard
August 9, 2017 0 Day Indianapolis, IN ACL Danger Zone 2017 Defeated Terry Bogard in an Extreme Rules Match.
Liquid Snake
August 9, 2017 127 Days Indianpolis, IN ACL Danger Zone 2017 Liquid Snake won the title by cashing in his Fight For Right Opportunity.
Kenshin Himura
December 14, 2017 219+ Days Houston, TX ACL All Star Grand Slam 2