ACWL World Heavyweight Championship
WCW Championship Belt
Current champion(s) Frieza
Date Won July 18th, 2018
League New-NAW, NAW, ACWL
Brand (formerly NAW South)
Introduced March 26th, 2004
Most reigns Shadow the Hedgehog (4 Reigns)
First Champion Sheng Long
Last Champion
Longest Reign Biff Andreas
Shortest Reign Goku (2 days)
Heaviest Champion Chris Johansen (580 lbs)
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) "ACWL" Championship
Past design(s) 20090816070047WWF attitude Champion

Frieza is the current ACWL World Heavyweight Champion.

The ACWL World Heavyweight Championship was the flagship title of Allan's Championship Wrestling League. founded at ACWL's first event on March 26th, 2004, when Sheng Long defeated Ryu. At the CAWllision Series, NAW had decided to mock ACWL, and create there own ACWL World Title that was not recognized by ACWL at the time. The first champion was Shadow the Hedgehog who was given the title for unknown reasons, and despite the fact Van Helsing was actually the last ACWL World Champion. But regardless of that matter, Bret Michaels defeated him at CAWllision 3. The title was then "adopted" by NAW on October 20 2009. On May 7th, 2010, Allan had officially given the rights to NAW to use the title and now has a joint history of both the real ACWL title and the "ACWL" Title.

In 2015, the championship was once again adopted by New-NAW, the spiritual successor of NAW since Danny Jackpot one of the many collaborators that write for the show still had the rights to it.

Also the ACWL Heavyweight Championship was split at four points in its history, due to ACWL USA, ACWL Canada, New Age Wrestling and New-NAW.

  • NOTE: This list for the history from ACWL is incomplete, if you remember what happen in ACWL at all, then please fix the title history up.

Title History from ACWL

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Sheng Long 1 Inaugural ACWL World Champion, won the title by winning the NoDQ ACWL World Tournament against Ryu, Guile, Akuma, Neo (Matrix), and Ken Masters
Sagat 1 Defeated Sheng Long. As well as headlined the first AEC MANIA against Ryu in a Ladder Match, in which he retained the title.
Mario 1 Defeated Sagat after Sagat defended the belt 7 times in a row. A streak that was broken by Van Helsing who defended the title 8 times in a row.
Van Helsing 1 Defeated Mario On ACWL Monday Night Wrestling(2004)
Waluigi 1 Defeated Sagat, Van Helsing And The Undertaker In A Fatal 4 Way First Blood Match.
Sigma 1 Defeated Waluigi At ACWL Random Insanity 2004
Megaman 1 Defeated Mario And Andre The Giant In A Ladder Match At ACWL Highway To Hell 2004
Mario 1 Defeated Megaman
Luigi 1 Defeated Mario At ACWL AEC Mania 2.
Van Helsing 2 Defeated Luigi
Ken Masters 1 Defeated Ryu In A Ladder Match
Shadow The Hedgehog 1 Defeated Sagat In A Ladder Match And Won The ACWL King Of The World 2007
Sagat 2 Defeated Shadow The Hedgehog In A KO Match At ACWL AEC Mania 4
Sephiroth 1 Defeated Sagat At ACWL Random Insanity 2007
Shadow The Hedgehog 2 Defeated Sephiroth In a Random Match
Billy The Blue Ranger 1 Defeated Shadow The Hedgehog, Luigi And Ken Masters In A Fatal 4 Way Match.
Guile 1 Defeated Billy The Blue Ranger In A Falls Count Anywhere Match On ACWL Monday Night Wrestling 2008
Billy The Blue Ranger 2 Defeated Guile In A Random Match At ACWL AEC Mania 5
Matt Hardy The Green Ranger 1 Defeated Billy The Blue Ranger In A Random Match At ACWL AEC Mania 5
Guile 2 Defeated Jimmy Lee, Mega Man X and Billy The Blue Ranger at ACWL Monday Night Wrestling(2009) in a Fatal Four Way Match for the Vacant ACWL World Heavyweight Championship.
Shadow The Hedgehog 3 Defeated Guile (World Champion) and Jimmy Lee (of the Double Dragons) to win the championship On ACWL Friday Night Fights(2009)
Proto Man 1 Defeated Shadow The Hedgehog, Shadow challenged Proto Man with the title as long as he revealed himself as the person who injured Mega Man. Which he did, its considered one of the biggest upsets in ACWL history On Monday Night Wrestling 2009
Zero (Mega Man X Series) 1 Defeated Proto Man On Monday Night Wrestling 2009
Van Helsing 3 Defeated Zero, Sonic The Hedgehog And Shadow The Hedgehog In A Fatal Four Way Match On ACWL Friday Night Fights 2009, Official last ACWL World Champion.


  • History did not go in this order and have huge gaps missing through out it. Unlike the title history from NAW/CAWllision which is complete.

Title History from New-NAW/NAW/CAWllision

The Championship was officially made in the CAWllision series as just the ACWL Championship, NAW would come and adopt the championship and after many difficult battles with Allan Caesar, the title was renamed the "ACWL" Championship. Later on Allan Caesar would officially announce that he recognizes the "ACWL" Title and history as the actual ACWL Championship history and the rights of the championship were given to Danny Jackpot and NAW until Allan decides to bring back ACWL, If he ever does. The championship has found home in the hands of New Age Wrestling, Who proudly uses the title as a 2nd-Tier World Championship. This would carry on over into New-NAW.

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Title is brought to the Cawllision Series
Shadow The Hedgehog 4 Awarded the championship for CAWllision 3 to compete in the main event.
Bret Michaels 1 Defeated Shadow the Hedgehog at CAWllision 3 for the title despite he was not the last ACWL World Champion. Reason was never given by NAW.
Title is adopted Up By NAW as their 2nd-Tier World Championship
Bret Michaels 1 (Cont.) Champion when Title is adopted by NAW.
Link 1 Defeated Pornoman and Bret Michales(c) in a 3 way match at NAW New Found Glory
Bret Michaels 2 Won when he defended his New-WWE Championship and won the "ACWL" World Title against champion Link also with Billy the Blue Ranger and Guile in a 4 way at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble Also the first time the New-WWE Championship and the "ACWL" Championship was on the game WWF No Mercy
Link 2 Defeated Bret Michales(c) in a first blood match at NAW Hardcore Impulse
Chris Johansen 1 Defeated Link(c) in a Steel Cage Match at NAW Reckless Rebirth
TRS 1 Defeated Chris Johansen to win the "ACWL" Title and also retained the New-WWE ECW Championship in the process.
"ACWL" World Heavyweight Title is brought to NAW South 3/6/10
Link 3 Defeated TRS 5-3 in a 10 Minute Iron Man Match on NAW South Showdown Episode 5 to win back a NAW Contract and the title.
TRS 2 Defeated Link in a Last Man Standing match at NAW South Timeless Turmoil
Waluigi 1 Defeated TRS at NAW Anarchy Anniversary 2010.
Officially recognized by Allan as the ACWL Championship, Prior reigns also recognized.
Waluigi 1(cont.) Champion after Allan recognizes the title to be the actual ACWL Championship.
Xbox 360 1 Defeated Waluigi at NAW South Violent Encounter.
Vacated after NAW ends on 6/9/2010, NAW soon returns later though
Allan Caesar III 1 Awards himself the championship after being named new NAW General Manager on NAW Mayhem 18
Shawn Dynasty 1 Defeated Allan Ceaser III at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 5
Biff Andreas 1 Defeated Shawn Dynasty at New-WWE/NAW WrestleMania VIII
ACWL World Championship officially adopted by New-NAW.
Biff Andreas 1 (cont.) Prior reign from New Age Wrestling continued after the championship is brought into New-NAW.
Steven Raden 1 Defeated Biff Andreas at New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning.
ACWL World Championship officially returned to ACWL after its return in 2018’’’
Goku 1 Defeated Steven Raden, Mario, and Sagat to win the championship.
Batman 1 Defeated Goku, Superman, Homer Simpson, Freddy Krueger, and Thor in a Elimination Chamber match.
Goku 2 Defeated Batman at NAWVerse: No Boots, No Pads, No Service.
Frieza 1 Defeated Goku in a casket match at NAWverse Special Event #5.