ACW Anime Revolution is a mega event from Anime Championship Wrestling. Anime Revolution is one of the "Big Four" events along with Animania, Fusion, and Royale Rumble. The show is a final "bump on the road" before Animania. Also, the mega event tends to be where some "hardcore" elements apply to the theme of the show.

Anime Revolution 2008

Anime Revolution 2008
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Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date February 14, 2008
Venue Wachovia Center
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Theme Song Production Theme (The Siege)
Last Event High Voltage 2007
Next Event Royale Rumble 2008

Match Card

Impulse Championship vs. Nightwing's Career
Beast Boy & Terra vs. Nightwing

Hell in a Cell match for the ACW Turbo Championship
Momochi Zabuza (c) vs. Cloud Strife

X-Play Six Mixed Tag Team Match
Team Speedy vs. Team Naruto

Dream Match
Yusuke Urameshi (c) vs. InuYasha

Winner Takes All - Road to Destiny Championship vs. ACW Television Championship
Gohan vs. Edward Elric

Seto Kaiba vs. Raimunda Pedrosa

No Disqualification Match
Broly vs. Trunks

Gold Rush Tournament Finals
RYO vs. Kankuro

ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship
Straw Hat Crew (c) vs. White Tigers

ACW Turbo Tag Team Championship
Obelisk vs. Kazuki & Hibiki Tokai


# Result Stipulation/Title Brand
1 Hibiki Tokai & Kazuki Moto defeated Obelisk (Roy Mustang & Zane Truesdale) Tag Team match for tor the vacant Turbo Tag Team Championship Turbo
2 Straw Hat Crew (Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro) (c) defeated White Tigers (Rai Chou & Rei Kon) Tag Team match for the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship Impulse
3 KYO defeated Kankuro w/ Choji Akimichi Gold Rush Finals; KYO becomes the #1 Contender for Turbo Championship. Turbo
4 Broly defeated Trunks No Disqualification match Impulse
5 Raimundo Pedrosa defeated Seto Kaiba Singles match Turbo
6 Edward Elric (c) defeated Gohan (c) Winner Takes All: Road To Destiny Championship (Elric) & ACW Television Championship (Gohan) Impulse
7 Inuyasha defeated Yusuke Urameshi Singles match Turbo
8 Naruto, Sakura Haruno & Kakashi Hatake defeated Speedy, Morgan Webb & Adam Sessler X-Play Elimination Six Mixed Tag Team match Impulse
9 Momochi Zabuza (c) defeated Cloud Strife Hell in a Cell match for the ACW Turbo Championship Turbo
10 Beast Boy (c) & Terra defeated Nightwing Handicap match for the ACW Impulse Championship; Nightwing's career also on the line. Impulse
  • 7 - After the match, Hiei attacked Inuyasha and Yusuke joined in as well.
  • 9 - Kankuro GORED Cloud and let Zabuza get the win.
  • 10 - After the match, Cyborg buried Nightwing inside a casket. Nightwing legitimately left ACW after the CPV ended. There were rumors that there would be an angle with Nightwing "rising" from the grave to feud with Cyborg but Nightwing is looking to pursue other CAW leagues. Terra was fired from ACW right after the CPV. There were reports that Terra had used sleeping pills, or depressants, as they were found in her locker room. Terra was reported to have been frustrated and was even talking to Anime World Champion DJ Rocket about a spot at RCWF.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • RCWF superstar & Anime World Champion DJ Rocket made an appearance on Anime Revolution to promote RCWF Exodus, a mega event from joint anime league like PAWL, DCW, PRIDE AC, RCWF and ACW.

Anime Revolution 2014

Anime Revolution 2014
Tagline(s) The Return
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date November 21, 2014
Venue Moda Center
City Portland, Oregon
Theme Song "Snakeface" by Return to Earth
Last Event Royale Rumble 2014
Next Event Animania III

Match Card

ACW Impulse Championship
Trunks (c) vs. Gohan

ACW Excel Championship
Zuko (c) vs. Haru Glory

Kakashi Hatake vs. Miroku the Monk

Six Man Tag Match
Anime 4 Kids vs. The Straw Hat Crew & ???; If Straw Hat Crew win, they get a shot at Impulse Tag Titles @ Animania 3. If Anime 4 Kids wins, Straw Hat Crew is gone from ACW for good.

Excel Royale Rumble Winner's Spot at Animania III
Aang (c) vs. Hiei

ACW Excel Tag Team Championship
The Little Fighters (c) vs. The Street Fighters

Fatal 4-Way for the ACW Television Championship
Mugen (c) vs. Sagat vs. Gaara vs. Edward Elric

ACW Cruiserweight Championship
Joe Higashi (c) vs. Ness

Donkey Kong vs. Rock Lee


# Result Stipulation/Title Brand
Preshow Donkey Kong defeated Rock Lee Singles match Excel
1 The Street Fighters (Ken Masters & Dan Hibiki) defeated The Little Fighters (Woody & Davis) (c) Tag Team match for the ACW Excel Tag Team Championship Excel
2 Joe Higashi (c) defeated Ness Singles match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship Impulse
3 Aang defeated Hiei Singles match; Aang's Animania III spot is on the line Excel
4 Straw Hat Crew (Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro) & Usopp defeated Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum, Brock, & Gary Oak) Six-man Tag match; Straw Hat Crew win, they get a shot at the Impulse Tag Titles @ Animania 3. Impulse
5 Kakashi Hatake vs. Miroku the Monk ended in no contest Grudge match Excel
6 Zuko (c) defeated Haru Glory Singles match for the ACW Excel Championship Excel
7 Edward Elric defeated Mugen (c), Sagat and Gaara Fatal 4-Way match for the ACW Television Championship Impulse
8 Trunks (c) defeated Gohan Singles match for the ACW Impulse Championship Impulse
  • 4a - Straw Hat Crew's partner was revealed as Usopp.
  • 4b - During the match, Ash hit Luffy with a steel chair.
  • 5 - The match ended in no contest after Sasuke Uchiha hit both Kakashi and Minroku with a SKO.
  • 6 - As Haru was going for the pinfall on Zuko, the lights went out and a gong was heard, a calling card of Akuma's arrival. When the lights went back on, Haru was knocked out.
  • 8a - Before the match, Gohan attacked Trunks from with a steel chair.
  • 8b - During the match, Broly tried to interfere, but was stopped by Ryu.
  • 8c -  Gohan knocked down the referee and went to get a chair. Naruto came from the crowd and took the chair from Gohan and hit him with it. Naruto then hit the Shonen Jump onto the chair. Naruto threw Gohan back in the ring, allowing Trunks to hit the T Driver for the victory.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Naruto Uzumaki made his return after six years of absense.
  • During the main event, Impulse General Manager Goku and Vegeta went into blows in Goku's office until both Saiyans were broken up by security.

Anime Revolution 2015

Anime Revolution 2015
ACW Anime Revolution 2K15
Tagline(s) "Viva La Revolution"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date November 29, 2015
Venue US Airways Center
City Phoenix, AZ
Theme Song "Stand Up" by Exotype
Last Event Royale Rumble 2015
Next Event Animania IV


Akuma & Haru Glory vs. The Blue Spirit & Choji Akimichi

Sasuke Uchiha vs. Frieza

Edward Elric vs. Hiei

Impulse Road to Destiny Qualifier Match
Sagat vs. Broly

Ryoko vs. Washu; If Ryoko wins, she face Ayeka at Animania IV. If Washu wins, Ryoko will never seen again in ACW.

Six Man Elimination Tag Match
Night Raid vs. Team Guy (Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, & Might Guy)

Reiko Hinomoto & Sailor Moon vs. Ino Yamanaka & Diane

Lucas vs. Ness


# Result Stipulation/Title Brand
1 Hiei defeated Edward Elric Singles match Excel
2 Sagat defeated Broly Impulse Road to Destiny Qualifier match Impulse
3 Ness defeated Lucas Singles m Impulse
4 Night Raid (Tatsumi, Lubbock, & Wave) defeated Team Guy (Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, & Might Guy) Six Man Elimination Tag match Excel
5 Ryoko defeated Washu Singles match; Ryoko faces Ayeka at Animania IV. Impulse
6 Reiko Hinomoto & Sailor Moon defeated Ino Yamanaka & Diane Women's Tag Team match Excel
7 The Blue Spirit & Choji Akimichi defeated Akuma & Haru Glory Tag Team match Excel
8 Sasuke Uchiha defeated Frieza by DQ Singles match Impulse
  • 1 - Before the match started, Edward and Hiei brawled at ringside.
  • 2 - After the match, Broly attacked Sagat until Broly hit Sagat with a Omega through the commentary table.
  • 5 - Before the match even started, Ryoko and Washu brawled backstage. During the match, Princess Ayeka tried to interfere, but was stopped by Sasami.
  • 7 - In the final moments of the match, Akuma and The Blue Spirit brawled on the entrance way. Hiei treid to interfere but Haru gives him a Rave Driver. Akuma gave The Blue Spirit a Last Ride onto the floor off the entrance ramp.
  • 8 - In the final moments of the match, Gohan attacked Sasuke from behind causing the disqualification. Naruto Uzumaki assisted Sasuke to fight off Gohan and Frieza. Solid Snake and Broly come to assist their JSA stable mates followed by Goku to assist Naruto and Sasuke, but the JSA out numbered them at the end.


  • Impulse General Manager Tenchi Masaki tried to recruit Tatsumi and the rest of Night Raid, but Tatsumi declined Tenchi's offer.
  • Goku wished Sasuke good luck in his match.
  • This was the first ACW mega event in which no titles were on the line.

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