ACW Apocalypse is a mega event from Anime Championship Wrestling and it is an Impulse-branded mega event. This is Impulse's second mega event.

Apocalypse 2014

Apocalypse 2014
Tagline(s) "A Regime Has Begun"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date July 18th, 2014
Venue Prudential Center
City Newark, New Jersey
Theme Song "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch
Last Event Ground Zero 2014
Next Event High Voltage 2014

Match Card

Hardcore Tornado Tag Team match:
The Saiyan Regime (Broly & Gohan) v. Ryu & Trunks; If Ryu or Trunks score a victory over Gohan, they become instant number one contender for Gohan's Impulse Championship

Television Championship:
Mugen (c) v. Sagat

Impulse Tag Team Championship:
Earthbound (c) v. Anime 4 Kids

Hardcore Match:
Gaara v. Edward Elric

Cruiserweight Championship:
Joe Higashi (c) v. Dennis

Choji Akimichi & Kankuro v. Beybladers (Kai Hiwatari & Tyson Granger)


# Result Stipulation/Title
Preshow Rin defeated KYO Singles match
1 Kankuro & Choji Akimichi defeated Beybladers (Kai Hiwatari & Tyson Kinomiya) Tag Team match
2 Joe Higashi (c) defeated Dennis Singles match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship
3 Gaara defeated Edward Elric Hardcore match
4 Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum & Brock) defeated Earthbound (Ness & Lucas) (c) Tag Team match for the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship
5 Mugen (c) defeated Sagat Singles match for the ACW Television Championship
6 Gohan & Broly (The Saiyan Regime) defeated Ryu & Trunks Hardcore Tag Team Tornado match: If Ryu or Trunks pins/submits Gohan, they get automatic Impulse title shot at any moment
  • 3. The match started in the back when Gaara attack Edward from behind as Edward was being interviewed by Justin Roberts.
  • 4. The Personal Advisor for Anime 4 Kids was revealed as Gary Oak when Gary distracted Lucas from the entrance stage. After the match, Gary celebrated with his clients.
  • 6. As Trunks was about to pinned Gohan, Vegeta came out of nowhere and nailed out Trunks wih a steel chair then followed it up with a Final Flash. After the match, all three members of the Saiyan Regime celebrates in the ring as both Ryu and Trunks lay out competely.

Apocalypse 2015

Apocalypse 2015
Tagline(s) "The End Is Near"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date July 3rd, 2015
Venue Air Canada Center
City Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme Song "Life On The Bottom" by Hit The Lights
Last Event Fusion 2015
Next Event Ground Zero 2015

ACW Impulse Championship:
Trunks (c) vs. Gohan

Naruto vs. Sagat

ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship:
Raditz & Nappa (c) vs. Straw Hat Crew

Gaara vs. Sasuke Uchiha

ACW Cruiserweight Championship:
Eren Yeager (c) vs. Mystery Opponent

Princess Ayeka will call out Ryoko!


# Result Stipulation/Title
1 Goten defeated Eren Yeager (c) Singles match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship
2 Gaara w/Kankuro defeated Sasuke Uchiha Singles match
3 Raditz & Nappa (c) defeated Straw Hat Crew (Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro) Tag Team match for the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship
4 Sagat defeated Naruto Singles match
5 Gohan defeated Trunks (c) Singles match for the ACW Impulse Championship
  • 1. Eren's mystery oppponent was revealed as Goten. During the match, Ryoma Echizen interfered as Goten was distracting the referee.
  • 5. During the final moments of the match, Videl came down to the ring and distracted the referee. Samurai Jack and Zero both tried to interfere in the match but failed. Later, Broly interfered hit the Omega on Trunks. After the match, Gohan gave Trunks the Masenko onto a steel chair.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • VPAC and Gurahk Weavile provided guest commentary for the show.
  • Princess Ayeka called out Ryoko, which lead to Ayeka ordering Ike & Marth to escort Ryoko out of the building. Moments later, Ike & Marth were laid out by Ryoko backstage, but got ambushed by Videl.