ACW Cruiserweight Championship

The ACW Cruiserweight Championship is a championship that currently is in ACW Impulse. The championship is only exclusive to wrestlers who meet the requirements of a "crusierweight" by the weight desired by ACW officials. The title, however, can be switched to another show if the draft pick currently holds the title. Ryoma Echizen became the first ever Cruiserweight champion at High Voltage 2007.

The current title holder is Roy.

Title History

# Champion Reign Result Event
1 Ryoma Echizen 1 Def. Ultraman Tiga, Dennis, Chiatzou, and Kiba Inuzuka in a Five Man Battle Royal for the vacated title. High Voltage 2007
2 Joe Higashi 1 Def. Ryoma Echizen Victory 2012
3 Eren Yeager 1 Def. Joe Higashi in an Open Challenge. Animania III
4 Goten 1 Def. Eren Yeager Apocalypse 2015
5 Roy 1 Def. Goten Fusion 2017

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