ACW Draft 2008
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Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date December 2008
Venue Mile High Stadium
City Denver, Colorado
Theme Song "Break the Walls (Chris Jericho's theme)"
Last Event First Event
Next Event ACW Super Smash Bros. Brawl For All

ACW Excel and Impulse superstars will be traded from each other and plus the Turbo brand will be open for free agent picks as ACW presents the ACW Draft 2008. Seven matches. Almost three hours of a show. Two titles on the line. One big night.


# Results Stipulation/Title
1 Donkey Kong def. Akuma Singles Match
2 Earthbound (Ness & Lucas) def. Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan Tag Team Match
3 Sasuke Uchiha (c) def. Rock Lee 15 Minute Ironman Match for the ACW Intercontinental Championship
4 Solid Snake def. Aang Singles Match
5 Monkey D. Luffy def. John Cena Singles Match
6 Broly def. Kakashi Hatake Steel Cage Match (King of Anime Tournament Final)
7 Haru Glory (c) def. Miroku the Monk Singles Match for the ACW Excel Championship
  • 1 - Donkey Kong was revealed as Akuma's mystery opponent.
  • 4 - Solid Snake was revealed as Aang's mystery opponent. After the match, Zuko brutally attacks Aang.
  • 5 - John Cena, who was WWE champion at that time, interfered in Luffy's King of Anime Tournament match and cost him the chance to advance, which is why Cena made a cross promotional appearance.
  • 6 - After Broly's win, a mysterious person who wore all black attire assaulted Broly.
  • 7 - After Haru's win, Miroku attacked him. However, it was interupted with Kinnikuman making his ACW debut. Prior to the debut, cryptic video messages had been playing on all ACW programming that led to the videos stating that it will reveal itself at the ACW Draft. Kinnikuman ended up being that person.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • This event marked the official ACW debuts of Donkey Kong, H.I.T., Solid Snake, John Cena, and Kinnikuman.
  • This year was a special exemption as each General Manager was given ten draft picks. This was due in part of ACW Turbo no longer becoming an active brand and therefore, each GM were given five special draft picks that were dedicated for Turbo's roster which ended up being a free agent draft pool.

Draft Results


Draft Pick Number Draft Pick Drafted From
1 Cyborg Impulse
2 Ultraman Tiga Impulse
3 Speedy Impulse
4 Kakashi Hatake Impulse
5 Hiei Turbo
6 Takuya Kanabara Turbo
7 Syrus Truesdale Turbo
8 Hibiki Tokai Turbo
9 Momochi Zabuza Turbo
10 Kazuki Muto Turbo


Draft Pick Number Draft Pick Drafted From
1 Ryu Excel
2 Mugen Excel
3 Gaara Excel
4 Vegeta Excel
5 Kankuro Turbo
6 Kai Hiwatari Turbo
7 KYO Turbo
8 Kiyo Takamine Turbo
9 Choji Akimichi Turbo
10 Cloud Strife Turbo
  • Impulse Draft Pick #4 - Vegeta was drafted to Impulse while still being the Excel General Manager at the time of the draft. Roger Smith would end up being named the new General Manager of Excel once ACW was back from it's mandatory post-season hiatus.
  • Impulse Draft Pick #8 - Although drafted, Kiyo Takamine was not able to show up in person to make his public acceptance as an Impulse draft pick.