ACW Excel Championship

The ACW Excel Championship is the primary and main championship on ACW Excel. It cannot be switched to the Impulse brand since it is a brand exclusive title. The title made it's debut at ACW Fusion 2006 with Gaara becoming its first ever champion.

The current title holder is Akuma.

Title History

# Champion Reign Result Event
1 Gaara 1 Def. Haru Glory to claim the vacant title Fusion 2008
2 Miroku The Monk 1 Def. Gaara Animania
3 Haru Glory 1 Def. Miroku Animania II
4 Zuko 1 Def. Haru Glory High Voltage 2014
5 Aang 1 Def. Zuko Animania III
6 Akuma 1 Def. Aang Victory 2015

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