ACW Ground Zero is a mega event from Anime Championship Wrestling. It is an Excel-branded mega event and is the second mega event for the Excel brand.

Ground Zero 2014

Ground Zero 2014
Tagline(s) "The Countdown Starts!"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date June 20th, 2014
Venue Prudential Center
City Newark, New Jersey
Theme Song "Only If We Learn" by Failsafe
Last Event Fusion 2012
Next Event Apocalypse 2014

Match Card

Fatal 4-Way Match for the ACW Excel Championship:
Haru Glory (c) vs. Hiei vs. Momochi Zabuza vs. Donkey Kong

Tag Team Grudge Match:
Miroku the Monk & Sasuke Uchiha vs. Kinnikuman & Kakashi Hatake

ACW Excel Tag Team Championship:
Little Fighters (c) vs. Knights of the Zodiac

Excel Road to Glory Championship:
Zuko (c) vs. Akuma

Solid Snake vs. Weregarurumon


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Takuya Kanabara defeated Ultraman Tiga Singles match
1 Solid Snake defeated Weregarurumon Singles match
2 Little Fighters (Woody & Davis) (c) defeated Knights Of The Zodiac (Seiya & Ikki) Tag Team match for the ACW Excel Tag Team Championships
3 Zuko defeated Akuma Singles match
4 Kinnikuman & Kakashi Hatake defeated Miroku & Sasuke Uchiha Tag Team match
5 Haru Glory (c) defeated Hiei, Momochi Zabuza and Donkey Kong Fatal 4-Way match for the ACW Excel Championship

Miscellaneous Facts

  • With Hakeem's Blip.TV account shut down in September 2014, there is no longer any possible way to watch Ground Zero.

Ground Zero 2015

Ground Zero 2015
Tagline(s) "One More Time For The Title Inside Hell In A Cell!"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date July 31st, 2015
Venue Phillips Arena
City Atlanta, GA
Theme Song TBD
Last Event Apocalypse 2015
Next Event No Boundaries 2015


Hell in a Cell Match for the ACW Excel Championship:
Akuma (c) vs. Aang; Loser cannot challenged for the title as long the winner remains the champion.

Grudge Match:
Haru Glory vs. Edward Elric

Six Man Tag Team Match:
Night Raid (Tatsumi, Lubbock & Wave) vs. Team Starfox & Ginji Amano

ACW Television Championship:
Cloud Strife (c) vs. Joe Higashi

Choji Akimichi vs. Kinnkuman

Reiko Hinomoto vs. Diane; If Reiko wins, she get a title shot at the Glamor X Championship.


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Donkey Kong defeated Ultraman Tiga Singles match
1 Choji Akimichi defeated Kinnikuman Singles match
2 Cloud Strife (c) defeated Joe Higashi Singles match for the ACW Television Championship
3 Reiko Hinomoto defeated Diane w/Ino Yamanaka by count out Singles match
4 Night Raid (Tatsumi, Lubbock & Wave) defeated Team Starfox (Fox McCloud & Falco Lombardi) and Ginji Amano Six Man Tag Team match
5 Haru Glory defeated Edward Elric Grudge match
6 Akuma (c) defeated Aang Hell in a Cell match for the ACW Excel Championship
  • Preshow - After the match, NJCW's Gene Starwing assaulted Donkey Kong.
  • 1 - Choji assaulted Kinnikuman with a steel chair after the match. Kinnikuman turned the tables and beat Choji with the chair and hit the Kinniku Buster.
  • 2 - Cloud offered a handshake of respect to Joe and Joe accepted it.
  • 3 - As stipulated, Reiko gets a title shot at the ACW Glamor X Championship at a later date.
  • 4 - During the match, Team Starfox walked out on Ginji.
  • 6 - Due to the match's stipulation, Aang cannot challenged for the title as long Akuma remains the champion. After the match, Akuma chokeslamed Aang through the ring. Haru ran to the ring to try and help Aang but Akuma disappeared.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Preshow - Gene Starwing announced that ACW and NJCW will be holding a show featuring both promotions. One of the matches will be NJCW's Vega & Nightwing vs. ACW's Cloud Strife & Kinnikuman.
  • One of the matches for the ACW/NJCW Supershow will be NJCW's Vega & Nightwing vs. ACW's Cloud Strife & Kinnikuman.
  • ACW paid tribute to Satoru Iwata, the former president and CEO of Nintendo who passed away a few weeks back. Donkey Kong and Team Starfox paid their respects.
  • Excel GM Roger Smith made some announcements regarding important matters:
    • Team Guy are officially stripped of the Excel Tag Team Titles due to them not cleared to compete. To crown new champions a four team tournament will be held in the near future to determine the new champions.
    • "NJCW vs. ACW: Fighting Spirit Taiketsu" was made an official card.
    • Reveal the new signee of the Glamor X Division, Juri Sanada of SEA fame. Due to the importantce of Sanada's signing, ACW will be having a press conference in Sacramento with Smith, Ms. Sanada and Joseph Matos in attendance.

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