ACW Impulse Championship

The ACW Impulse Championship is the main and primary championship of ACW Impulse. The title made it's first debut on the first episode of ACW Impulse. It cannot be switched to another show since it is a brand exclusive championship.

The current title holder is Sasuke Uchiha.

Title History

# Champion Reign Result Event
1 Robin 1 Def. Naruto for the vacant title Impulse 1
2 Naruto 1 Def. Robin Impulse 4
3 Beast Boy 1 Def. Naruto and Nightwing in a Triple Threat Match Animania
4 Gohan 1 Def. Beast Boy by cashing in his Impulse Road to Destiny privilege Animania II
5 Trunks 1 Def. Gohan Royale Rumble 2014
6 Gohan 2 Def. Trunks Apocalypse 2015
7 Sasuke Uchiha 1 Def. Gohan Animania IV

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