ACW Intercontinental Championship V3

The ACW Intercontinental Championship is a championship belt that currently resides in ACW Impulse. This title can be switched to either show if a draft pick has the person carrying that title. It is the second most important belt in the Impulse brand. Hotspot was the first ever champion to be crowned the belt at ACW Genesis 2007.

The title was originally made on the Excel brand until then-champion Sasuke Uchiha was drafted to Impulse in 2015, thus taking the title with him.

The current title holder is Dark Magician.

Title History

# Champion Reign Result Event
1 Hotspot 1 Def. Mugen to claim the vacant title Genesis 2006
2 Mugen 1 Def. Hotspot Animania
3 Sasuke Uchiha 1 Def. Mugen Animania II
4 Rock Lee 1 Def. Sasuke Uchiha Excel 30
5 Sasuke Uchiha 2 Def. Rock Lee High Voltage 2014
6 Kankuro 1 Def. Sasuke Uchiha Fusion 2015
7 Solid Snake 1 Def. Kankuro No Boundaries 2015
8 Dark Magician 1 Def. Solid Snake ACW Draft 2017

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