ACW Victory is a CAW League Click-per-view (CPV) produced by the CAW League Anime Championship Wrestling. The first Victory event was an Impulse only CPV event but now the mega event has switched on over to the Excel brand as of now. The mega event is also ACW Excel's first show back from the hiatus in 2012.

Victory 2012

Victory 2012
ACW Victory
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Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date January 15, 2012
Venue Allstate Arena
City Rosemont, IL
Theme Song "Stitches" by Allele
Last Event Genesis 2011
Next Event Fusion 2012

Impulse Championship:
Gohan (c) v. Ryu

Television Championship:
Broly (c) v. Cloud Strife

Edward Elric v. Gaara

Impulse Tag Team Championship:
White Tigers (c) v. Kai Hitwatari & Mystery Partner

Cruiserweight Championship:
Ryoma Echizan (c) v. Joe Higashi

Impulse Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders' match:
Straw Hat Crew v. Earthbound


# Result Stipulation/Title
Preshow Mugen defeated KYO Singles match
1 Earthbound (Lucas & Ness) defeated Straw Hat Crew (Luffy & Zoro) Impulse Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders' match
2 Joe Higashi defeated Ryoma Echizen (c) Singles match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship
3 Kai Hiwatari & Tyson Granger defeated White Tigers (Rei Kon & Rai Chou) (c) by DQ Tag Team match for the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship
4 Broly (c) defeated Cloud Strife SIngles match for the ACW Television Championship
5 Gaara defeated Edward Elric Singles match
6 Gohan (c) defeated Ryu Singles match for the ACW Impulse Championship
  • 1 - A 4TV One Piece Intro was shown during the match.
  • 3 - Tyson Granger is Kai Hiwatari's mystery partner for the match.
  • 6 - Vegeta interferred and cost Ryu the match.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Gohan told his father that he better make sure that he walks out as the Impulse champion.
  • Ryu and Goku got into a heated arguement.

Victory 2015

Victory 2015
Tagline(s) "Defy The Impossible"
Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling
Date May 8, 2015
Venue Bi-Lo Center
City Greenville, South Carolina
Theme Song "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd
Last Event Genesis 2015
Next Event Fusion 2015

ACW Excel Championship:
Aang (c) vs. Hiei

ACW Glamour X Championship:
Ino Yamanaka (c) vs. Samus Aran

ACW Tag Team Championship:
Team Guy (c) vs. Little Fighters

#1 Contender's match for Glamor X Championship:
Reiko Hinomoto v. Cammy

ACW Television Championship:
Edward Elric (c) vs. Kinnikuman



# Results Stipulation/Title
Preshow Joe Higashi defeated Cloud Strife Singles match
1 Reiko Hinomoto defeated Cammy #1 Contender's match for the ACW Glamor X Championship
2 Edward Elric (c) defeated Kinnikuman by count out Singles match for the ACW Television Championship
3 Team Guy (Rock Lee & Neji Hyuga) (c) defeated Little Fighters (Woody & Davis) Tag Team match for the ACW Excel Tag Team Championship
4 Ino Yamanaka (c) defeated Samus Aran Singles match for the ACW Glamor X Championship
5 Aang (c) defeated Hiei Singles match for the ACW Excel Championship
6 Akuma defeated Aang (c) Singles match for the ACW Excel Championship
  • 2 - During the match, Edward distracted the ref and Kinnikuman got speared through the security barricade by an unknown individual. After the match, the mysterious individual, revealed to be Choji Akimichi, hit Kinnikuman with an Airplane Spin Steamroller.
  • 3 - After the match, Team Guy was assaulted by Tatsumi, Lubbock, and Wave of Akame ga Kill. Wave attacked Rock Lee in the ring while Tatsumi DDT'd Neji before hitting a diving moonsault onto the Japanese Announce Table.
  • 4 - The Masked Lady tried to interfere, but was instructed to the back by the referee. Ino hit Samus with the Glamor X championship belt while the referee was distracted.
  • 5 - After the match, the lights went out and a gong was heard with the signature symbol of Akuma on the titantron. When the lights came back on, Akuma appeared behind Aang and assaulted Aang until he was hit with the Airbender and thrown out of the ring. Hiei shuck in from behind and hit Aang with the Third Eye before leaving the ring, allowing Akuma to cash in his Excel Road to Destiny Briefcase.

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