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The Women's Title was introduced in 2007 and was crowned at Wrestlefest 3 when Rebecca "Moonlight" Nightfall defeated Rainbow Mika in the finals.The title is the main title for the women's division and will be unified with the ACW Vixen's Venom Title at ACW Realm of Immortality. Trina Lash is the only woman that held the title twice.

Title Holders

  1. Rebecca “Moonlight” Nightfall (2 Months, 3 Title Defenses)
  2. Kimberly “Puppets” Deathfire (2 Title Defenses)
  3. Niki Cornejo (2 Title Defenses)
  4. Jade Kim (2 Title Defenses)
  5. Madison Skye (2 Title Defenses)
  6. Trina Lash (4 Title Defenses)
  7. Lindsay Lohan (April 7, 2010 - December 13, 2010, 3 Title Defenses)
  8. Sheena Marie (December 13, 2010 - August 16, 2011, 2 Title Defenses)
  9. Aya Stephanie (August 16, 2011 - July, 13, 2012, 1 Title Defense)
  10. Trina Lash (2x) (August 3, 2012 - Current, 1 Title Defense)


  • 1. Aya left ACW and she vacated the belt
  • 2. Trina Lash cashed in her Ms. Fight for the Right Briefcase when the belt was vacated and was given the title

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