World Mayhem Championship


The World Mayhem Title was crowned at ACW Bound for Glory 2007, when Sherman Samson defeated Peter Blackwell (Peter Vega) to be come the 1st Champion. It is the World Title for the Anesthesia Roster. It will later be unified with the ACW (Aggression Championship Wrestling) Horrifying Title  at ACW Wrestlefest VII. Sherman Samson is the only one that held the title twice.

Title Holders

  1. Sherman Samson
  2. Ringmaster (3 Title Defenses Total - 2 Successful Title Defenses)
  3. Sherman Samson (2x)*1
  4. Rugal Bernstein/Ultra Rugal
  5. James “Lionheart” Florence (16-17 Months, 4 Title Defenses Total - 3 Successful Title Defenses)
  6. Karnage (February 10, 2010 - June 7, 2012, 848 Days, 8 Title Defenses Total - 5 Successful Title Defenses)
  7. Michael Heinman (June 7, 2012 - Current, 1902 Days, 2 Title Defenses)*2


  • 1. Sherman Samson defeated ACW Champion, Warrior, to unify the ACW Title with the World Mayhem Title
  • 2. Michael Heinman became the 1st ever Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion in ACW

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