Ace Championship Wrestling wanted to open the door for developmental stars to start wrestling on ACW shows to see who gets picked out as the new talent for ACW internet TV. The developmental trainer and former 10-time ACW world champion, Hitman has been working to help find new talent with the help of former 7-time ACW world champion, Sammy Whoa. The new talent that has been picked so far is Drake Young and Shawn Atkins. They mentioned that the picks would be part of a new talent exchange to find who can blend in with ACW on internet. They had their eye on Tommy Roode who, if picked, due to the similarity to ACW superstar, Christian Shaw (and the fact that Shaw and Roode are half-brothers), Roode would be likely to be Shaw's ally or enemy, or part of The New Age, due to red-mohawk and red tights and darkside gimmick. The trainers have also been looking at "The Love Machine" Randy Love to be part of a hearthrob gimmick with ACW superstar, Kenneth Storm. Kind of a new Billy and Chuck tag team gimmick. The gimmick was originally supposed to be with King Pain, but plans were changed and he became part of THUG Lyfe Ent. with Krymynal and drafted to Smash instead. Superstars are soon going to be sent back to developmental to work on new moves and help train newcomers. Hitman and Sammy Whoa had also made plans to possibly come back to wrestle in ACW. It is not known what brand they will come back on.

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