AEC Mania 3 is the third Mega Event for Allan's Championship Wrestling League It was the "rebirth of ACWL" The main event was Guile vs Ken Masters in a 30 minute hardcore Iron Man Match Something to note the infamous 40 man rumbles for the number 1 contenders match for the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship have been switched to 20 man rumble for the Hardcore title.

The card

20 man rumble for the ACWL Hardcore title. Re: MR T defeated Billy Lee by TKO to win the Hardcore Championship

After the match Trench Coat Mafia (Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold) attacks Mr.T

ACWL Light Heavywieght Championship Balrog vs Little Mac

Re; Little Mac wins by Knock Out

After the match Trench Coat Mafia attacks Little Mac & Doc Louis

Battle Royal: Conan O'Brien vs. Brian Peppers vs. Captain Jean-Luc Picard vs. Sean Connery Re; Order of Elimination; Captain Picard, Brian Peppers, Sean Connery. Conan O Brien Wins The match

ACWL European Championship Match

Ladder Match

Mario(c) Vs Link

Re: Link wins the match, The Wario Bros Wario and Waluigi attacked Mario and Link

Street Fight Ryu vs Sonic the Hedgehog

Re: Ryu wins after a Sonic Stunner, Sagat and The Terminator interfered

Steel Cage Match

Mega Man X vs Zero

Re: Mega Man X wins by escaping the cage

ACWL World Heavyweight Championship

30 minute hardcore iron man match

Ken Masters (c) vs Guile

Re: Ken Masters wins Order of falls Ken Masters By Pin fall

Ken Masters By Pin fall after Twist of Fate on the ring bell

Ken Masters By Pin fall

Guile by Pin fall after Piledriver on the floor

Kwn Masters after a Moonsault

Ken Masters wins by submission after half Boston crab outside the ring

Ken Masters after abdominal stretch outside of the ring

Ken Masters by Pin after Twist of Fate

Guile by Pin after German Suplex on the floor

Guile by Pin after sonic boom on the floor

Guile by Pin after another sonic boom on the floor

Ken Masters after Submission

Guile by pin after Superplex

Guile after yet ANOTHER German Suplex on the floor

Ken Masters after Submission

Re: Ken Masters retains

After the match Charlie attacks Ken Masters for theh lulz

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by #
1 Sigma (c) 2 Doug -
2 Jim Butabi 3 Sagat 1
3 Doug Butabi 4 Sagat 1
4 Steve Butabi 1 Jim -
5 Knuckles 5 Akuma -
6 Sagat 10 Snake 5
7 Akuma 8 Sagat 1
8 Captain Falcon 6 Shadow -
9 Shadow The Hedgehog 7 Sagat 1
10 Cloud Strife 9 Sagat -
11 Sephiroth 12 Snake 1
12 Van Helsing 11 Sephiroth -
13 Solid Snake 15 Powers 3
14 Iron Chef 14 Snake -
15 Austin Powers 18 Mr. T 2
16 Jimmy Lee 13 Powers -
17 Billy Lee 19 Mr. T 1
18 The Crow 16 Billy -
19 Megaman 17 Mr. T -
20 Mr. T - WINNER 3

ACWL AEC MANIA III (Part 1)00:00


Aec Mania 3 part 1


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