AJ Styles X
Names AJ Styles X
Height 5'11
Weight 218 lbs
Born True DOB Unknown
Birthplace True Birthplace Unknown
Died N/A
Resides Unknown Location
Billed from Gainesville, Georgia
Trained by Unknown
Debut 2008
Retired N/A

AJ Styles X is a CAW superstar working for DCO, who previously worked for Jeff Jarrett Pro Wrestling.

Despite looking and wrestling the exact same way as AJ Styles and having practically the same name plus an X, he is not the same person as AJ Styles. This was proven when Styles X faced (and defeated) the genuine Phenomenal One in the pre-show of KAALEZION 6.


Styles X arrived in DCO shortly after the merger with JJPW, quickly capturing the TV Title from Bob Holly. He would lose the title shortly afterward to Derek The V Extreme. Enraged and humiliated by his reign ending in such quick fashion, he would later attack Derek during Derek's title defense against Mason Kronik. He established himself as the first member of DCO's iteration of Planet Jarrett soon after.

Styles X after his assault on Derek would recieve an opportunity at his championship in a triple threat match which included Mason Kronik; Styles X would come short after being pinned by Derek.

After being defeated by Derek, Jeff Jarrett would use his backstage politics to get Styles X an additional title shot. During said match, Derek would be assaulted during his in-ring entrance by Planet Jarrett member Sgt. Hardin and by Barberino mid match. Styles X would take advantage of a fatigued Derek and lock in a thunderous sleeper hold, forcing him to submit and win his second TV Title.

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Styles X Clash
  • Flying Forearm
  • Spiral Tap
  • Calf Killer
  • Pele Kick

Titles & Accomplishments

Theme Song


AJ X setting AJ Styles up for the Styles X Clash