ARW Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship
WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Larry It
Date Won June 4th, 2015
League Aggressive Reckless Wrestling
Introduced August 11, 2012
Most reigns
First Champion Larry It
Last Champion
Longest Reign
Shortest Reign
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The ARW Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship is the secondary championship in Aggressive Reckless Wrestling. It was created on August 11, 2012. The first and current champion is Larry It, who became the inaugural champion after defeating Jacob Cass and El Toro Extremo at CAWVasion in a triple threat match.

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Event Notes
Larry It 1 June 4th, 2015 1018+ CAWVasion Defeated Jacob Cass and El Toro Extremo in a Triple Threat Match at CAWVasion to crown the inaugural champion.

Bold: Current Champion

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