ASW Championship
Current champion(s) Tyler King
Date Won Mar 25, 2012 (Episode 22 - Extreme Zone)
League Action Star Wrestling
Brand N/A
Introduced May 22, 2011
Retired August 4, 2012
Most reigns The Suspect
First Champion The Suspect (2 reigns)
Last Champion Tyler King
Longest Reign Caylen Rogers
Shortest Reign Ambis DR
Heaviest Champion Ambis DR
Lightest Champion Caylen Rogers
Other Name(s) N/A
Past design(s) 800px-ECW World Championship

The ASW Championship was the highest ranked title in ASW up until it's retirement on August 4,2012. The first ASW Champion in the CAW adaptation of ASW was The Suspect. The last champion was Tyler King who was on his first reign as champion.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
The Suspect 1 May 22, 2011 13 Won a Ten man elimination match.
Ambis DR 1 June 4, 2011 10 Defeated The Suspect on Great Impact!.
The Suspect 2 June 14, 2011 109 Defeated Ambis DR in a TLC match at Extreme Zone!.
Caylen Rogers 1 Oct 1, 2011 152 Defeated The Suspect and CM Punk at ASW Survivor Champions. Caylen Rogers replaced Kurt Angle.
Title declared vacant, due to Caylen Rogers' retirement.
Tyler King 1 Mar 25, 2012 132 Defeated Freddy Cage, Big T, and Lemarcus Carter on Extreme Zone for the vacant ASW Championship.

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