The ATW World Heavyweight Title is the top belt in DCWL's Developmental League All Talent Wrestling. Winning it makes someone closer to winning a DCWL contract. Once the season is over with whoever wins vacates the title and moves on to the roster.

ATW World Heavyweight title
Current champion(s) Tyler King
Date Won 6-3-12
League All Talent Wrestling
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Introduced January 6,2011
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Most reigns Rick Reaper(2)
First Champion D'Angelo Disaster
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Longest Reign Rick Reaper(214 days)
Shortest Reign D'Angelo Disaster(8 days)
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Wrestler Times: Date won: Days Held: Notes
D'Angelo Disaster 1 January 6,2011 8 Defeated Nate Frank on S1 Ep 1 to become champ.
James Porter 1 January 14,2011 28 Defeated Disaster on S1 Ep 3 to become champ.
Orlando Romero 1 Febuary 11,2011 25 Defeated James Porter at ATW Singles match with Manager.
Tiger Coger 1 March 6,2011 17 Defeated Romero on S1 Ep 5
DannyJackpot 1 March 23,2011

Defeated Coger on S1 Ep 6 for both ATW and DCWL Titles

Danny Jackpot Vacates title
Daniel Bradson 1 April 6,2011 Won a tournament to win the title
Daniel Bradson wins ATW Season 1 and the title is vacant
Rick Reaper 1 July 7,2011 40 Won a battle royal on S2 Ep 1
Jalin Brown 1 August 16,2011 78 Defeated Rick Reaper on S2 Ep 2
Rick Reaper 2


2, 2011

214 Defeated Jalin Brown and Mustachio Blur in a Steel Cage match on S2 Ep 4
Tyler King 1 June 3,2012 Defeated Rick Reaper on S2 Episode 5
Tyler King wins ATW Season 2 and the title is vacant