All-Styles Wrestling and Awesome Wrestling Entertainment present


Commentators:TheDevil, Mr. Black, and Joel Knight

Pre-Show Matches

  • Ashley Massaro vs Amber
  • Street Thugs vs Sons Of Skynet
  • Paul London vs Chuck Palumbo vs Lucien Marious vs Elijah Burke. Elimination Match
  • Kalamity vs Solid Snake vs Black Dragon. Falls Count Anywhere.
  • The King vs Darkling.
  • Trevor Murdoch vs Kazuma Kiryu. Extreme Rules.

Seasons' Beatings (The CPV)

  • Diana Roberts vs Trina Lash. Santa's Little Helper Match for A.S.W Womens' title.
  • Justin Timberlake vs Bart Simpson.
  • Agent J vs. Bobby Boucher vs. Jim Carrey?
  • Chris Redfield vs Nico Bellic vs Jared Crux vs Nathaniel Law vs Green Arrow vs Kargan. AWE invin world title match, elimanation.
  • Johnathen Magnum vs. Shawn Damian for the A.S.W World title in a Boot Camp match.
  • Shao Kahn vs Vega, hell in a cell for AWE world heavyweight championship.

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