The Most Historic People In AWF History Are The AWF Champions!

NameDate WonDate Lost
Hehachi Meshima AWF Season 1 Ep 2 AWF Summerslam 2006
Krillen AWF Summerslam 2006 AWF Survivor Series 2006
Jason VoorheesAWF Survivor Series 2006AWF Armageddon 2006
Astro BoyAWF Armageddon 2006AWF Animania II
Jason VoorheesAWF Animania IIAWF Whiplash
VegetaAWF Whiplash 2007AWF Vengeance 2007
Jason VoorheesAWF Vengeance 2007AWF Summerslam 2007
GotenAWF Summerslam 2007Current Champion

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