The Tag Titles Have Been Important To AWF History They Are The Reason We Have The Greatest Team Champions Of All Time

Tag TeamDate WonDate Lost
The New Age Out Laws AWF Season 1 Ep 7 AWF Vengeance
Mario Brothers AWF Vengeance 2006 Sumnmer Slam 2006
New Age OutlawsSummerslam 2006AWF No Mercy 2006
Gohan & KrillenAWF No Mercy 2006Armageddon 2006
New Age OutlawsArmageddon 2006No Way Out 2007
Vegeta & Hehachi MichimaNo Way Out 2007Animania II
New Age OutlawsAnimania IIAWF Dark Match Pre-Raw
Degeneration XAWF Dark Match Pre Raw AWF Great Animated Bash
Teen TitansAWF Great Animated Bash AWF No Mercy 2008
The Corporation AWF No Mercy 2008 AWF Armageddon 2008
Cyborg & Homer Simpson AWF Armageddon 2008 Current

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