Clash of the Titans
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
American Wrestling Federation
Date tbd
Venue Arrowhead Pond
City Anaheim, CA
Theme Song "Worlds Collide" - Powerman 5000
Last Event COH People Power
Next Event COH Guerilla Warfare
# Result Stipulation
1 Von Dynamite (AWF) defeated TJ Prophet (COH) -
2 Morris (COH) defeated Chris Hartford -
3 CJ Hawkins (AWF) defeated Ameer McDermott (COH) -
4 Justin Bateman (COH) defeated Brock Manson (AWF) -
5 Team YES Beard! (Karl Jamz and The Patriot) (c.) (COH) defeated The American Patriots (Andrew Justice and Anderson Johnson) (AWF) COH Tag Team Championship
6 Joseph Michael Ivrene (c.) (AWF) defeated Uncle Lester (COH) AWF Internet Championship
7 Evan Rockville (AWF) defeated Zane LaFontain (COH) -
8 The Alex Enterprise (COH) defeated Danny Hardy (AWF) -
9 Tyler Riley (AWF) defeated Kevin Crisis (COH) -
10 The Goonie (COH) defeated Ben Hitman (AWF) -