Ace Justice
Names "Cowboy Ace Justice"
Height 6'7
Weight 312bs
Born June 12th, 1993
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Resides Dallas, Texas
Billed Dallas, Texas
Trained by Joe Omega
Debut 2014
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Ace Justice, is a CAW Professional Wrestler signed to OPW. He was trained by Joe Omega during mid 2014 and made his debut the same year. He has always been an optimist backstage and in ring.


During his tenure so far at OPW He has won the OPW Global Championship, he won the title from Rain Lopez. Following his win he would compete in many matches including the OPW Money In The Bank ladder match at OPW Greed. He is someone who has a bright future.

Championships and Accomplishments


In Wrestling


  • High Cross
  • Muscle Buster
  • Clothesline From Hell


  • Big Boot

Entrance Themes

  • Cowboy - Kid Rock

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