Agent Smith
Agent Smith
Height 5'11
Weight 224 lbs
Resides The Matrix
Billed from The Matrix
Trained by
Debut August 6, 2014

Agent Smith is a CAW wrestler currently in the NWL. He is a one time NWL Intercontinental Champion.

Noob Wrestling League (2014 - Present)

Debut & Early Feuds (2014 - 2015)

Agent Smith made his debut for the NWL on August 6th and was announced as a competitor in the Royal Rumble Match at the upcoming CPV. He would win his debut match against Willy Wonka. He would continue to beat wrestlers including Pennywise and The Doctor. At the Royal Rumble CPV, Agent Smith entered as the first competitor and was eliminated first by Batista. The following Wednesday he would lose his first match in the NWL against Ronald McDonald. At NWL Night of Champions Agent Smith would beat McDonald. They continued to fight each other in the weeks leading up to NWL Wrestlemania. At the CPV McDonald finally got some retribution and beat Agent Smith. Smith would gain the last laugher by beating McDonald the on the Season 2 premiere of the NWL. Agent Smith would then turn his attention to Spider-Man. He would challenge Spidy at NWL Over the Limit 2 in a losing effort. However Agent Smith stated this was a part of the plan and that he would take away the people's heroes one-by-one starting with Spider-Man. At NWL Money in the Bank 2 Agent Smith would beat Spider-Man only to lose to him on the following episode of the NWL. Agent Smith would then win various matches he was in.

NWL Intercontinental Champion (2015)

At NWL Extreme Rules 2 Agent Smith was substituted into the NWL Intercontinental Championship match when Steve Smooth was found unconscious in the locker room. He would end up beating CM Punk for his first title in the NWL. He once again claimed that this was part of taking away the people's heroes. At NWL Royal Rumble 2 he would defend the title again against CM Punk. On the August 26th episode of the NWL he would lose to the returning Steve Smooth, who stated that Agent Smith was the one who attacked him at Extreme Rules. On September 2nd he would lose to CM Punk too, leading to a triple threat match for the title at NWL Night of Champions 2. He would sneak away with the title, but Smooth won one more chance at the title. At NWL Wrestlemania 2 Agent Smith lost the NWL Intercontinental Championship to Steve Smooth.

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Red Pill
  • The Matrix

Championships and Accomplishments

Entrance Themes

  • "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by: Filter

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