Aggressive Reckless Wrestling
Acronym ARW
Establishment August 11, 2012
Owner(s) Striker
Staff Striker
Derek The V Extreme
Formerly Action Star Wrestling (ASW)
Website Youtube Channel

Aggressive Reckless Wrestling (or ARW) is Caw league that was founded by Striker by simple foundation of simple storylines and uncomplicated wrestling and gives rise to a great product. This CAW league mainly used to use WWE2K14 on the PS3, and sometimes times use WWF No Mercy.

Season 1 Results

ARW Roster:

Male Roster

Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Highlights in ARW
ChadMillerkyky Chad Miller Heel Kansas City, Missouri MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Charliekyky Charlie Del Valle Heel San Luis Potosi, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag 0 1
Chris Jericho zps8c6748e8 Chris Jericho Face Winnipeg, Manitoba MiniCanadaFlag 0 0
Kykybackground Dean Bones Face Pierre, South Dakota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Kykybackground Drake Rice Face Baton Rouge,Louisana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
ToroExtremokyky El Toro Extremo Heel Tijuana, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag 0 1
Kykybackground Frank Vostov Heel Moscow, Russia MiniRussiaFlag.jpg 0 0
Kykybackground Fredo Ruiz Face Barcelona, Spain MiniSpainFlag 0 0
Geraldokyky Geraldo Chata Face Ponce, Puerto Rico MiniPuertoRicoFlag 1 1 European Championship (x1)
GBlackKyky Gregory Black Heel Boston, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag 1 0 World Heavyweight Championship (1x) (Current)
Hugokyky Hugo Sullivan Heel Stone Mountain, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1
Casskyky Jacob Cass Face Baton Rouge, Louisiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1
Jamesmonterokyky James Montero Heel Grenoble, France MiniFranceFlag 0 0
JBLkyky John "Bradshaw" Layfield Heel New York City MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Kykybackground John Cresswell Heel Paris, France MiniFranceFlag 0 0
Jusinokyky Jusino Ortiz Heel San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 1 1 European Championship (x1) (Current)
Larryitkyky Larry It Face Chiefland, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 2 0 Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship (1x) (Current)
Kykybackground Máscara Agresiva Face Mexico City, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag 0 0
Kykybackground Marco Cuebas Face Barcelona, Spain MiniSpainFlag 0 0
Mikekyky Mike Mexico Heel Long Beach, CA MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Ryanrexkyky Ryan Rex Face Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
SavioVega2 Savio Vega Face Puerto Rico MiniPuertoRicoFlag 0 1
Shawndynastykyky Shawn Dynasty Heel Tampa, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1
Kykybackground Sol Oscuro Face Mexico City, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag 0 0
Kykybackground Takeshi Goro Face Tokyo, Japan Japan 0 0
Suspect The Suspect Face Javori, Bahamas 0 1

Women's Roster

Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Highlights in ARW
Kykybackground Adriana Poésy Heel France MiniFranceFlag 0 0
Annakyky Anna Abbott Heel Melbourne, Australia MiniAustraliaFlag 0 1
Bayley Bayley Face San Jose, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Becky Lynch kyky Becky Lynch Heel Dublin, Ireland Ireland 0 0
Charlotte Charlotte Face The Queen City 0 0
Elsykyky Elsy Marie Face San Francisco, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1
Erickakyky Ericka Cabrera Face Seville, Spain MiniSpainFlag 0 1
Lunakyky Luna Bedworth Heel Nashville, Tennessee MiniUnitedStatesFlag 1 0 Women's Championship (x1) (Current)
MPDkyky Miss Penny Dreadful Face England MiniEnglandFlag 0 1
Kykybackground Ruby Carter Heel Glendale, AZ MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Sasha Banks Sasha Banks Heel Boston, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0
Sofiakyky Sofia Ramirez Face Guadalajara, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag 0 1

Management / Staff

The following are those few who are signed to ARW under a management position or have a non wrestling role.

Superstar Name Duties & Accomplishments
Alexkyky Alex Striker
  • ARW Executive Chairman
Renee Young 1 Renee Young
  • ARW Backstage Interviewer
MichaelCole Michael Cole
  • Current ARW Official Commentator
Jerry Lawler3 zps3fc4b711 Jerry "The King" Lawler
  • Current ARW Official Commentator
Derekkyky Derek The V Extreme
  • ARW Occasional Commentator

Tag Teams & Stables

  • Big Business (Mike Mexico & Chad Miller)
  • Los Españoles (Marco Cuebas & Fredo Ruiz with Ericka Cabrera)
  • Unknown Masks (Sol Oscuro & Máscara Agresiva)
  • National Alliance (Frank Vostov & John Cresswell)
  • James Montero & Hugo Sullivan

ARW Champions:

Championship Championship Name Current Champion (s) Date Won Previous Champion
Worldtitle12 ARW World Heavyweight Championship Gregory Black June 4, 2015 Inaugural Champion
WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship ARW Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship Larry It June 4, 2015 Inaugural Champion
WWEEuropeanbelt ARW European Championship Jusino Ortiz October 3, 2015 Geraldo Chata
WFXTagW-1-810x400 ARW World Tag Team Championships Vacant N/A Inaugural Champion
Womens-1-810x400 ARW Women's Championship Luna Bedworth May 6, 2015 Inaugural Champion


  • ARW Reckoning (Episodic Show)
  • ARW Brawl Zone (Episodic Show)
  • ARW Webmatch (One-Shot Matches)


  • Road of the Mountain
  • King of the Tables
  • Dangerously Bank
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Over The Cage
  • Invasion of Violence
  • Lottery of Hell
  • Ultimate Clash
  • SuperBattle I
e v ARW Championships
Primary Championships: World Heavyweight Championship
Secondary Championships: Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship
Other Championships: European Championship · Women's Championship · World Tag Team Championships

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