Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Names Alex Thomas
Height 6'1 ft/185 cm
Weight 233 lbs/105 kg
Born January 1, 1984 (age 28)
Birthplace Buffalo, New York
Died N/A
Resides Buffalo, New York
Billed from Buffalo, New York
Trained by NSW Staff
Debut May 2012
Retired N/A

Alex Thomas is a CAW professional wrestler, currently working for North Star Wrestling where he is the reigning Intercontinental Champion on his first reign.


Season 1

Thomas was scheluded to face Daniel Token for the vacant Intercontinental Championship in Forget the Respect. After Chokeslamming Token, Thomas took the advance and became the first ever NWS Intercontinental Champion.

In wrestling



Championships and accomplishments

NSW Intercontinental Champion (1 time, current)

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