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All-Star CAW League
ACL (All Star CAW League) Logo
Acronym ACL
Establishment 2015-Current
Owner(s) N/A
Staff Owner: N/A
Prime GM: Seto Kaiba
Head of Talent: Calypso
Lioness Division Head: Mai Valentine
Commentator(s): Bradley James (Main Commentator)
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
Website ACL on YouTube

ACL Info

Inspired by the massive influx of Fantasy CAW Feds in 2014/2015, ACL was created to thrive alongside feds like ACW, NJCW, SCAW and others as feds focusing on different characters from different mediums such as Anime, Manga, Video Games and Tokusatsu.

While the choice of characters isn't 100% original, the idea was to not be original, but be creative in their own way, so while yes, you may see some people you've seen possibly in thousands of other feds, you may not see them portrayed the same way.

ACL Show

ACL Prime

The Main Show of ACL, signified by it's purple colour scheme and it's familiar looking set, Prime is run by Card Game Tycoon and President of Kaiba Corp, Seto Kaiba with the Lioness Division being run by Mai Valentine

ACL Rosters


Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Alex Heel America Belly to Back Piledriver Third Strike (CKO)
Barret Wallace Face Midgard Angermax (Lift Up Gutbuster)
Gray Fullbuster Heel Fiore
Gintoki Sakata Face Edo, Japan
Heihachi Mishima Face [REDACTED]
Mishima Style Combo (Three-Punch Combo)
Jax Briggs Face USA "Gotacha Grab" Slam (F-5)
Jin Kazama Face Japan
Kamina Face The Underground The Manliest DDT (Spike DDT)
"The Angel of Betrayal"

Kaworu Nagisa

Tweener The Moon Back to Back Backbreaker Wings of Betrayal


Kazuya Mishima Face [REDACTED]
Keiichi Maebara Face Hinamizawa, Japan Thunder Bomb (Spinning Sitdown Powerbomb) Gutwrench Flapjack
Kenshin Himura Face Kyoto, Japan Way of the Blade
Liquid Snake Heel United Kingdom White Mamba

(Camel Clutch)

Makoto Naegi Tweener Japan Jumping Knee Strike Super High-School Level Finale (Zig Zag)
Matt Ishida Face Japan Side Effect Wildheart Breaker (Twist of Fate)
Natsu Dragneel Heel Fiore
Orochi Heel Unknown
Paul Phoenix Face New York City, NY, USA
Psycho Mantis Heel Russia
Ranma Saotome Face Tendo Judo
Saotome, Japan
Anything Goes Style Enziguri (Trouble in Paradise) Satome Special (Modified Neck Lock into Back Suplex)
Rin Okumura Face True Cross Academy Blue Flame (Killswitch)
Revolver Ocelot Heel Soviet Union
Simon Face The Underground Triple Powerbomb Spiral Energy Submission (Walls of Jericho)
The Manliest Codebreaker (Codebreaker)
Spike Spiegel Heel Outer Space Superkick Cowboy Kick (Scissor Kick)
See You Space Cowboy (Steamboat Top-Rope Elbow)
Squall Leonheart Tweener Balamb Garden Spinning Fisherman's Suplex Gunblade (Jackhammer)
Tai Kamiya Face Japan Raging Courage (Skull Crushing Finale)
Terry Bogard Face Southtown, USA Crack Shoot (Strike to the Head) Buster Wolf (WMD)
Tsukasa Heel "The World" Enziguri Ride the Wave (Styles Clash)
Vamp Heel Unknown

Lioness Division

Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Asuka Face Hanzo National Academy Backcracker

(Lifting Knee to Back)

Super Secret Ninja Art Moonsault
Chloe Price Face Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Korra Tweener Republic City
Lucy Heartfillia Heel Fiore
Madoka Kaname Face Japan
Mami Tomoe Face Japan Tiro Finale (Super Kick)
Max Caulfield Face Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Mion Sonozaki Face Hinamizawa, Japan Sonozaki Style Super Kick (Chick Kick)
Rena Ryuugu Face Hinamizawa, Japan Flying Cleaver (Standing Diving Elbow Drop) Hinamizawa Syndrome (Reverse Hurricana)
The Liars Leap (Shooting Star Press)
Ruby Rose Face Beacon


Rose Cutter
Red Scytche
Shion Sonozaki Face Hinamizawa, Japan "Sonozaki Syle" Big Boot The Family Curse (Ramming Knee to the Head)
Yang Xiao Long Face Beacon Academy
Yoko Littner Face Unknown

Tag Team/Factions

Stable Name Main Members Secondary


Former Members Alignment Finishers
Arcadia Bay Asskickers Max Caulfield

Chloe Price

Face Shakabrah!

(Fireman Carry to Spinning Neckbreaker)

Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel
Gray Fullbuster
Lucy Heartfilia
Heel tbd
Hinamizawa Games Club Keiichi Maebara
Rena Ryuguu
Mion Sonozaki

Shion Sonozaki

Face tbd
Howard Connection Geese Howard

Rugal Bernstein


Heel tbd
Magica Quartet Madoka Kaname
Mami Tomoe
Sayaka Miki
Kyoko Sakura
Face tbd
Mishima Zaibatsu Heihachi Mishima
Kazuya Mishima
Face tbd
Outer Heaven Liquid Snake

Revolver Ocelot

Psycho Mantis


Team Dai-Gurren Kamina
Yoko Littner
Face tbd
Team RWBY Ruby Rose
Yang Xiao Long
Face tbd
The Digidestined Tai Kamiya
Matt Ishida
Face tbd
Triple M Jax Briggs
Barret Wallace
Face Metal Bomb (Dudley Death Drop)

ACL Championships

Title Picture Title Name Current Champions Times Date Won Event (Location) Former Champions
ACL World Championship ACL World Championship Terry Bogard 1 November 23rd 2016 ACL All-Star Grand Slam

(Las Vegas, NV)

Jin Kazama
ACL Crossover Championship ACL Crossover Championship Kenshin Himura 1 November 23rd 2016 ACL All-Star Grand Slam

(Las Vegas, NV)

Kaworu Nagisa
ACL Tag Team Championship ACL Tag Team Championship The Digidestined

(Tai & Matt)

1 November 23rd 2016 ACL All-Star Grand Slam

(Las Vegas, NV)

Outer Heaven

(Ocelot & Vamp)

ACL Lioness Championship ACL Lioness Championship Asuka 1 November 23rd 2016 ACL All-Star Grand Slam

(Las Vegas, NV)

Rena Ryuugu
ACL Lioness Tag Team Championship ACL Lioness Tag Team Championship Arcadia Bay


(Max & Chloe)

1 November 23rd 2016 ACL All-Star Grand Slam

(Las Vegas, NV)

Witches We Are

(Bernkastel & Lambdadelta)

ACL Click-Per-Views/Specials


1) ACL Big Bang

2) ACL Full Metal Panic

3) ACL Danger Zone

4) ACL Turn of the Century

5) ACL Maximum Impact

6) ACL Path to Victory

7) ACL Final Hour

8) ACL All-Star Grand Slam

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