All-Star CAW Wrestling was formed from the ashes of a falling Midwest Wrestling Alliance (MWA) in early March of 2013. Soon, ACW started finding CAW superstars from all over to make up it's unique and dynamic roster. All-Star CAW Wrestling now has 2 weekly shows, Anarchy and Whiplash.


Pride CAW Wrestling Network

All-Star CAW Wrestling originally started airing vignettes of their superstars and shows on the Pride CAW Wrestling Network Youtube Channel. After being the first federation signed to PrideCWN, ACW would go on to air it's first 4 episodes exclusively to the PrideCWN viewing audience before owner of Pride, John Ortiz, closed up shop for PrideCWN.  ===Out On Their Own===After gaining amass of views on the Pride CAW Wrestling Network, ACW owner, Justin Collins, after the closing of PrideCWN, decided it was time for ACW to branch out on it's own in search of a higher calling in the CAW Wrestling world. They soon opened their own YouTube account, ACWWRESTLING2013, and they had their first successful upload, being their Click-Per-View, Blood Sport.  ACW currently continues to soar in ratings. In their group of CAW Wrestling Feds (CAW Wrestling News Network), since inception, have been leading the ratings, averaging about 200 views an episode. 

Brand Extension And Live Streaming

In the CAW Wrestling News Network, ACW was the first ever to live stream a CPV. On May 18, 2013, ACW did a live stream of their CPV, Capitol Collision, which was met with tremendous results. Up to 130 people ended up viewing the live stream and several gave their inputs and comments on the stream.

Two weeks before the live stream of Capitol Collision, the commentary team of Anarchy, Jay DeVine and Danny D, announced that due to so many people wanting to come to ACW, that there was going to be a brand extension. Starting the week of May 28th, 2013, ACW will be airing 2 weekly programs, ACW Tuesday Night Anarchy and ACW Thursday Night Whiplash.


______________________________________________________________________________________________''''ACW Anarchy Roster'''''''ACW Champion:''''"The Franchise" Marco Rose''''ACW Intercontinental Champion:''''Seth McInerney''''ACW United States Champion:''''"The X-Treme Icon" Peter Gilmour''''Superstars''''"The Prodigy" Ameer McDermott 'Big Dwayne 'D-Xtreme '"Top Notch" Garnett Court 'Justice '"The British Psycho" Lewis Stevens'"The Best In The Universe" Marco Gruber (MSM) '"The Franchise" Marco Rose 'Mr. Capitol '"The X-Treme Icon" Peter Gilmour '"The Savior" Ro Shambo 'Seth McInerney 'Vonny Pipeher ''''ACW Whiplash Roster'''''''ACW North American Champion:''''VACANT''''ACW No Limits Division Champion:''''"The Second Coming Of Christ" Steven Koresch''''ACW Tag Team Champions:''''Team X-Tinction (D-Xtreme and Big Dwayne)''''Superstars''''Angel '"Your Hero" Antonio Cobain 'Austin James '"The King Of CAW" Caylin Crawford '"Mr. Wonderful" Christopher Wonder 'Fisk 'Karl "BEARD" Jamz '"No Limit" Kevin Cross 'Jackson Rellik 'Jay Kong 'Steven Koresch 'Youngblood ''''VIXENS'''''''ACW Vixens Champion:''''Champagne''''Vixens''''Amanda Morgan 'Champagne 'Katrina Fields 'Lady Death 'Sophia 'Valerie Valdez ''''Alumni''''Wolf Gruber

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