All Original Wrestling
Acronym SMF
Owner(s) Danny Jackpot(Old), SMF Swagger(New)
Formerly N/A

All Original Wrestling is an Original CAW promotion. The roster seems to be an incorporation of those featured from Online Caw League and some members of the SMF Forums and other such promotions. Danny gave AOW to friend and WHW owner SMF Swagger when he heard that Swagger wanted to start an original league. After 2 episodes Swagger decided to incorporate the roster into his new show CEW


Name Finisher Name Notes
Aaron Rogers J.O.B. II
Cowlex Cowplex
Derek the V Extreme Abdominal Stretch into a Roll-up
Jason Hawkinz Hawkinstunner AOW Tag Team Champion
Javori Smart
Johnny Vegas
Mr.MITB AOW Tag Team Champion
Oshujax Modified Death Magnetic I AOW World Heavyweight Champion
Prince of Pain
Henry Vaine Impaler DDT
The Suspect Suspect Shuffle
Trevor Drevens Frog Splash, Drevens' Combo AOW Hardcore Champion
VooDoo Zombie
Joe Jobber

Championships and Accomplisments

Championship Current Champion(s) Previous Champion(s)
World Heavyweight Championship Oshujax Inaugural champion
Tag Team Championship Jason Hawkinz and Mr.MITB Inaugural Champion
Hardcore Championship Trevor Drevens Johnny Vegas

Episode Guide

Swagger Era

Date Episode Number Matches
June 25th, 2009 1

Cowlex defeated Aaron Rogers via pinfall after a Cowplex

VooDoo Zombie defeated Suspect via Pinfall after hitting a Strong Side-Walk Slam.

Hardcore Title Match: PORNOMAN defeated Javori Smart after turning into old PORNOMAN and hitting a Sitdown Powerbomb.

World Title Match:Oshujax defeated Jason Hawkinz after a German Suplex Roll-up combination

July 12th, 2009 2

Henry Vaine defeated Javori Smart after an Impaler DDT

Jason Hawkins and Mr. MITB defeated Cowlex and Pornoman for the AOW Tag Team Titles

Oshujax defeated Suspect after the Nigger Lynching Facebuster (If Suspect had won he would be no 1 contender)

XtremeTony defeated Joe Hardcore

Trevor Drevens defeated Johnny Vegas to claim the AOW Hardcore Title

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