Anaheim Wrestling Club
Acronym AWC
Establishment Superstars
Owner(s) Sean Dean
Staff General Manager - Dwayne Johnson
Formerly N/A

AWC started its run in CAW wrestling during the winter of 2012 but made its YouTube debut on February 7, 2013. AWC is actually a spin-off of former CAW leagues, ARCW and AWeR Wrestling back from November 2011 (AWeR) and September 2012 (ARCW.) Only one part of episode 1 of AWC is currently out, check back to see when part two is up and running. The next CPV for AWC is after episode 3 and is called Wrestlers Night Out (AWC WNO) and will ONLY run this one time.


All stars work for the same brand in (Superstars) and will be added as time goes on. The sets of special moves and gimmicks may or may not be displayed for some stars may/may not have gimmicks or special moves. In some cases, this is just because their finisher hasn't been displayed on AWC programming.

Wrestler's Name City, State Gimmick/Disposition Special Moves Extra Info
Seth Kidd Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Canadian Patriot/Face Spear First Ever Win on AWC Programming
Rod Styles Huntington Beach, California  Dude/Face N/A AWC Undisputed Champion
Damitri Las Vegas, Nevada Partier/Face House Party (Of Pain) N/A
Austin Aries Milwaukee, Wisconsin Greatness/Heel Brainbuster Suplex Works for multiple leagues/Former ARCW star
Brock Lesnar Minneapolis, Minnesota Monster/Heel F-5 Works for multiple leagues/Former ARCW/AWeR star
Shawn Michaels San Antonio, Texas Showstopper/Heel Sweet Chin Music Works for multiple leagues/Former ARCW/AWeR star


Number of shows depend on date of upload and so do CPVs. CPVs will usually be uploaded on dates near the end of the month (26th, 28th, 31st and so forth.)


  • Superstars (Premier Show)

Click Per-Views:

  • Wrestlers Night Out (WNO; January; 1 appearance only CPV)
  • Broken Hearts (February)
  • Outbreak (March)
  • Summer Camp (June)
  • Back Home (July)
  • Cold As Ice (August)
  • Left In A Pile Of Leaves (September)
  • Winter A' Coming (December)

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