Anarchy Wrestling Association of CAW is a online Youtube CAW federation created by RC99 Productions (Previously known as KR99). Although it appeared on YouTube in 2013, it was originally created in late 2006.

Anarchy Wrestling Association of CAW
Acronym A.W.A.C.
Establishment 2013 - Present Day (On Youtube In Reality)
Owner(s) Triple H (COO)
Staff People who get paid lol.
Formerly N/A


A.W.A.C. was created in late 2006 using WWE Smackdown! VS. RAW 2006 for PS2. It showcases of mix of its own original CAWS, video game/TV/anime characters and the very best of CAW.

In 2013, A.W.A.C. began posting shows to its first YouTube channel, such as its 1st CPV In Your House: Yes Or Yes. After a 2-3 month hiatus, it released its 2nd CPV No Guts, No Mercy, as well as its 3rd CPV Smashlash, its 4th CPV Final Destinaton, its 5th being the Royal Crumble and eventually, their biggest show, Anarchy Rulz.

In 2016, after a very, very lengthy hiatus, A.W.A.C. came back on to Youtube on WWE 2K16. Its flagship show Anarchy, as well as a special interpromotional show with NCA called "Death And Duality" was also uploaded to YouTube, although these shows were recorded via PS4's recorded streaming feature.

In 2017 and currently, A.W.A.C. is now recorded via Elgato capture card (instead of the crappy laptop webcam) and has moved onto the WWE 2K17 and 2K18 games (and future WWE 2K games), as well as other subsequent past and future wrestling games on the PS2, like Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth.

A.W.A.C. Men's Roster

Name Alignment Finisher(s) Note
El Noveno Face Hell Razor (Emerald Flowsion)

Noveno-Sault (Diving Corkscrew Moonsault)

Noveno Escape (Crossface)

A.W.A.C. World Champion

CAW Interpromotional Champion

Kevin Owens Heel Package Piledriver

F-Cinq (F-5)

A.W.A.C. 5-Star Champion
Seth Rollins Face Curb Stomp


Booster Gold Face Golden Driver (Double Underhook Piledriver)
Cell Heel Perfect 10 (Gory Special Flatliner)

Cell Destructor (Release Powerbomb)

Matthew Santoro Face Sharpshooter
Bane Heel Fire Rising (Catapult European Uppercut)

Knightfall (Shock Treatment

A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Champion
Giant Gonzalez Heel 8-Foot Slam (Chokeslam) A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Champion
Undertaker Face Last Ride

Tombstone Piledriver

A.W.A.C. Hardcore Champion
Dolph Ziggler Face Zig Zag
King Face Tek-Buster (Muscle Buster)

Mexican Death Drop (Shell Shock)

Roman Reigns Heel Spear
Black Panther Face Wakandan Driver (Michinoku Driver)
Birdie Heel Birdie Bomb (Sit-Down Powerbomb) A.W.A.C. Intercontinental Champion
Christian Face Unprettier
Alistor Morgan Heel End Of Heartache
Mr. Amazing Heel Amazing Impact (Superkick)

High Altitude (Frog Splash)

Anakin Tweener Chokeslam Of The Sith (Chokeslam)

Death Star Driver (Rikishi Driver)

Luke Skywalker Tweener Shooting Star Press
Chiro Face Shuggazoom Swanton (Swanton Bomb)
Firestar Hart Face Fireball DDT (Bloody Sunday)


Johnny Gat Face Gat Attack (Fame Asser)
Freddy Krueger Heel Iron Claw

Dream Street (Cobra Clutch Slam)

Rick Grimes Face Double Tap (Curb Stomp)
Star Lord Face Footloose (Rolling Big Boot)
Rocket Raccoon Face Diving Headbutt
Groot Face Fallaway Slam
Dean Ambrose Face Dirty Deeds
Vin Taylor Heel Vindicator (Snapmare Driver)
Rabid Face R-Rating (One Winged Angel)
Daas Wheedon Face Daas Lariat (Running Lariat)

Hagen Daas (Military Press Spinebuster)

Mighty Ugg Face Running Powerslam
War Bacon Face Big Bacon Bomb (Falling Powerbomb)

A.W.A.C. Women's Roster

Name Alignment Finisher(s) Note
Raven Face Raven's Wings (Vertabreaker)

Gently Tapping (Calf Crusher)

A.W.A.C. Women's Champion
Revy Heel Black Rock Bottom (Rock Bottom)

Black Rock Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner)

Zarya Heel Graviton Surge (Gutwrench Powerbomb)

Tsar Driver (Half Nelson Pumphandle Driver)

Tracer Face Millennium-Plex (Half Nelson Suplex)
Ada Wong Face Turning Evil (Cross Rhodes)
Juliet Starling Face Sparkling Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop)
Spider-Gwen Face Five-Star Spider Splash (Five-Star Frog Splash)

Spidey Swanton (Swanton Bomb)

Spidey Sense (Flatliner)

D.Va Heel Game Over (Hell's Gate)
Pandora Face Zombification (Neutralizer)

Pandora's Box (Camel Clutch)

Juli Heel Psycho Crusher (Jackhammer)
Juni Heel Psycho Crusher (Jackhammer)
Squirrel Girl Face Squirrel Rider (Rough Ryder)
Starfire Face Blaze Of Glory (450 Splash)
R. Mika Face Flying Peach (Rear View)

Rainbow Driver (Death Valley Driver)

A.W.A.C. Tag Teams/Stables

Name Alignment Members Notes
Ministry Of Destruction Heel Bane/Giant Gonzalez/Hugo Strange (Manager) A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Champions
The Force Tweener Anakin/Luke Skywalker
Deadly Saints Face Firestar Hart/Johnny Gat
Hybrid Rage Heel Alistor Morgan/Mr. Amazing
DespAIR Face Daas Wheedon/Rabid
Boar Machine Face War Bacon/Mighty Ugg

Other On-Air Talent

Name Role
Triple H A.W.A.C. COO
Mr. Nova Play-By-Play Commentator
Jojo Ring Announcer
Renee Young Interviewer
Hugo Strange Manager of the Ministry Of Destruction

A.W.A.C. Shows, Current Champions and CPV

A.W.A.C. Anarchy

A.W.A.C. Anarchy is the company's main flagship show, similar to WWE RAW, where many storylines occur and championships are sometimes defended. It is noticable through its red and black colour scheme.

A.W.A.C. Fury

A.W.A.C. Fury is the company's B-show, showcasing lower-card talent, while also serving as a pre-show for the CPVs. It sometimes also shows past A.W.A.C. matches from years ago. Championships are defended on Fury, but it is mainly just the Hardcore Title defended there. Fury has a purple colour scheme.

Current Champions

  • A.W.A.C. World Champion - El Noveno
  • CAW Interpromotional Champion* - El Noveno
  • A.W.A.C. Intercontinental Champion - Birdie
  • A.W.A.C. World Tag Team Champions - Ministry Of Destruction (Bane/Giant Gonzalez)
  • A.W.A.C. Women's Champion - Raven
  • A.W.A.C. Hardcore Champion - Undertaker

CAW Interpromotional Championship

The CAW Interpromotional Championship is a belt made to be defended across all CAW leagues between any CAW wrestler, despite it only being currently defended in A.W.A.C.. The concept was conceived by NCA co-owners Justin Reed and Joseph Nomak in 2017; the two being personal friends of the owner both inside and outside of CAW.

The belt was first brought up in a 6-Man Interpomotional Ladder Match. Booster Gold grabbed down the briefcase to win, but he (as well as the other 5 men) didn't know the belt was inside. On an episode of Anarchy, Cell attacked and injured Booster Gold, before stealing his briefcase and opening it. Inside was the CAW Interpromotional Title. A.W.A.C. COO Triple H then awarded Cell the title and crowned him its first champion.

At Summer Slamboree 2017, El Noveno defeated Cell to become the new CAW Interpromotional Champion. Noveno went on to successfully defend the belt and also win the A.W.A.C. World Title in a Winner-Take-All Double Title Match at Anarchy Rulz 2.


  • Royal Crumble
  • Anarchy Rulz
  • Smashlash
  • Final Destination
  • Summer Slamboree

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