Angel (King of Fighters)

Angel is a video game character from the King of Fighters series. She is an agent for an organization called NESTS. She is to watch K999 (pronounced: K four nine), who hunts down those that betray NESTS. Her first appearence was in King of Fighters 2001 as a playable character and as part of the NESTS Team. She appeared in King of Fighters 2002, both original and ultimate match versions. Some of her moves pay tribute to The Rock, such as the "Just Bring It!" taunt, the Rock Bottom, and the People's Elbow.

Title Histories:

Aggression Championship Wrestling (ACW)

Angel giving the People's Elbow

  • ACW Hardkore Champion
  • ACW Vixen's Tag Team Champion (w/ Rainbow Mika)
  • US-FWA Women's Champion


  • Survivor's Banquet (People's Elbow)
  • Blue Monday Parade (Rock Bottom)
  • Spinning Roundhouse Kick
  • Sharpshooter
  • Superkick

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