Anthony Washington
Close up on Anthony
Billing information
Ring Names Anthony Washington
Height 6'2
Weight 212 lbs
Born January 13, 1985
Hometown Nework,New jersey
Resides Nework,New jersey
Billed From Nework,New jersey
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel;JFW
Trainer(s) ATW Staff
Styles Ground and pound
Professional career
Debut 2012
Retired Yet to retire.
Anthony Washington is CAW Pro Wrestler currently who was signed to Jordan Federation Wrestling and wrested in Derek's Championship Wrestling League Development League ATW working for a DCWL Contract. He now is fighting in New-NAW/AWP Training. 

ATW Season 2

DCWL confirmed a 2nd season of ATW and Anthony Washington signed up for it.Anthony Washington has been competing in challanges and has come close to being eliminated. Anthony Washington would start off as a nice guy looking for some compeition but a change happenned when he saw his girlfriend Stacy Miranda backstage. Apparently he had not seen her for a while and was glad to see her.Anthony has been controlled by Stacy who uses her body to encourage him so she can hopefully get a DCWL Contract along with him.Anthony Washington is currently in a fued with Marcus Nash.The fued was started when Anthony Washington talked trash about Marcus Nash during the Talk Trash Challange on Episode 3 of ATW and claiming he will always be better. Since then Anthony Washington has remain dominant in his fued as he has beaten Marcus Nash multiple times in multiple matches.


Anthony Washington would win the JFW Hardcore title after beating Marcus Nash in a Parking Lot Brawl. He would later on JFW Burnout retain the title after beating Marcus Nash in a Steel Cage Match. The fued would continue till he would lose to Nash in a I Quit Match at JFW Back In Business were he was released on condition to match

Finishers & Signatures

Attack On Washington(Super Kick)

Stake Out(Code Blue)

Walls Of Jericho

Diving Headbutt


 Personal Jesus - Marilyn Manson

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