Antonio Rodreigo
Antonio Rodreigo
Names Antonio Rodreigo
Random Mexican KKK Member #2
Height 6'2
Weight 243
Born September 30th, 1980
Birthplace Mexico
Died N/A
Resides Mexico City, Mexico
Billed from Mexico
Trained by Danny Jackpot
Debut DCWL/NAW (Online)
Jeri-MAX (E-Fed),
Retired N/A

Antonio Rodreigo is a Mexican CAW wrestler currently signed to the New-NAW/AWP Independent Training Facility.  

Jeri-Max E-Fed

Rodreigo would sign to the Jeri-Max E-Fed as Random Mexican KKK Member #2 and he would stay on roster till it closed it's doors.

Dereks Championship Wrestling League

After his display in the CAW Cup Random Mexican KKK Member #2 offically signed with DCWL on September 28th, 2010. He would make his 1st appearance on DCWL's 1 year Celebration losing to Michael Jackson in 29 seconds. He was still on the roster filling space doing a lot of nothing until the company closed His most successful win would come at New-NAW Presents CAWVasion defeating 5 other men for the ITF Ironman Cup inside a Horror Chamber match.

Independent Training Facility

Rodrigo would join ITF as himself, dropping his Random Mexican KKK Member gimmick. This would be the first time he wrestled as himself since his offline days in DJF and CBW. He would wear a white mask at times as a tribute to his former gimmick. He won his first title in CAW in 2014 when he won the New-NAW Hardcore Championship. During Danger Zone: Episode #7, Rodreigo would compete in a triple threat match in a losing effort taking on Phillip Dillmore and DJ Allan Toy, the latter would win the match. On the following episode however, Rodreigo would defeat both Incognito and The Foreigner to become the inaugural ITF Television Champion.


"Mexico's Finest" - 2015

Other Appearances

Competed in 2010 Young Lions Cup as Random Mexican KKK Member #2

Championships and accomplishments

Finishers & Signatures

  • Ricochet Rodreigo (Springboard Kick)
  • Tequila Spin (Modified Piledriver)
  • Reverse Exploder Suplex
  • Suplex Facebuster
  • Arm Twist/Leg Lariat
  • Wheel Kick


Smooth by Santana


Antonio Rodreigo would make his debut as Random Mexican KKK Member #2

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