Battle Pro Logo
Acronym N/A
Establishment 2011
Owner(s) Louden Styles
Staff Louden Styles
Josh Bowers
Garrett Kingston
Evan O'Shea
Former Staff:
Billy Diamond
Formerly N/A
Website [BATTLE PRO Channel]

BATTLE PRO is a CAW league owned and commentated by Louden Styles.

BATTLE PRO is homebased in the titled "Danger Zone" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

On the 11th of June, 2012, Battle Pro was introduced into CAW Universe, The Vivianverse, only to leave it on April 9th, 2013.


Name Alignment From Signature Move(s)

Mark Butcher


Baton Rouge,Louisana MiniUnitedStatesFlag

  • Butcher's Choice
Alex Devine Heel Serasota, Florids MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Devine Intervention
Brian Barnett Heel San Antonino, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Sucks To Be You
Cody Barnett Face San Antonio, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The Fallen
Eric King Tweener Yonkers,New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • BLK-Stomp
Marcus King Tweener Yonkers, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Shining Black
Raiden Hiro Face Kawasaki,JapanJapan
  • Hiro's Light
  • Mountain Bomb
Kazuhiko Goro Face Kumanmoto,JapanJapan
  • Octopus Stretch
  • Kurenza Trembler
Super KENJI Face The Underground Distract of Toyko, Japan Japan
  • Flashstar Alpha
Jesse Black Face Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The Ramones Driver
Rick Black Face Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The Stage Dive
Rex Morbi Heel The Black Tea Gardens
  • The Death Toll
Gabriel Heel The Black Tea Gardens
  • Prophet Bomb
Lil' Jazz Tweener Jamaica Queens, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Vertabreaker
Guerilla Black Tweener Yonkers, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag * Shooting Star Press
Silverwolf Face Manchester, England MiniEnglandFlag
  • Wolf O Rama
Brett Haskins Heel Nashville, Tennessee MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Katy Perry's Favorite Finisher
Scott Sapp Face Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland
  • The Nightmare Driver
TJ Kennedy Face Venice Beach, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Goodnight From Del Rio
Chris Douglas Face Amarillo, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • LeBell Lock
Johnny Metal Face Detriot, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The Rock Out
Smokey Face Georgiana, Alabama MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • SKO
  • Acid Splash
Evan O'Shea Face Death City, Nevada MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Shea Slayer
  • Stripes II
Johnny Sinclair Face The Jersey Shore MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The 2Wicked Drop
Mike Sullivan Face The Jersey Shore MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Jersey Driver
B.B. Disco Face Milwaukee, Wisconsin MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Fuck Dat'
Zane Ulmeyda Face Dallas, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Ulmeyda City Limits
  • Epicenter of Energy
Ruroruni Mutoh Face Iwate, Japan Japan
  • Ruroruni Roundhouse
  • Shining Wizard

Stables & Tag Teams

  • The Black Cathedral (Rex Morbi,Genocide,Gabriel)
  • Devine Greatness (Brian Barnett & Alex Devine)
  • The Black Blood Soilders (Raiden Hiro & Kazuhiko Goro)
  • The Punk Movement (Jesse & Sid Black)
  • BLK_OUT 2.0 ( Marcus King, Eric King, Lil' Jazz & Guerilla Black)
  • 2Wicked (Johnny Sinclair & Mike Sullivan)
  • Florida is For Killers -FI4K- (Chris Werra & Trent Skyy)

Former Teams:

  • King Enterprises (Brian "King" Taylor & Brett Haskins)
  • Ulmutoh (Zane Ulmeyda & Rouroni Moutoh)


Name From Signature Move(s) Release Date/Reason
Brian "King" Taylor Atlanta, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The Midos Touch

November 30th, 2012


Jeremy Barnett Houston,Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • The J Bomb

March 13th, 2013

Neck Injury

Plague Kyoto, Japan Japan
  • Thumb strike to the throat
  • Outbreak

April 11th, 2013

Guest Appearance

Championships of BATTLE PRO

CPVs / Mega Events

  • The Crowning
  • Made In Japan
  • Something Must Die
  • Slaughterhouse Slam
  • BATTLE Grand Prix
  • Rebel Without A Cause
  • BATTLEversary

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