BATTLE PRO Episode One Results:


BATTLE PRO Episode Two Results:


BATTLE PRO Episode Three Results:

Participants/Outcome Notes
1. Brian Barnett over Kazuhiku Goro

Barnett attacked Goro post-match

2. Evan O’Shea over Ryan McLean None
3. Gizarmo over SilverWolf Post-match, Genocide tries to jump Gizarmo but Gizarmo fights back and drops him with the Gizarmo driver. He yells at a fallen Genocide when Rex Morbi blindsides him with a pipe
4. BLK_OUT 2.0 over 2Wicked None
5. Butchers Choice w/ Rouroni Mutoh For the BATTLE PRO Infinite Championship. Mark Butcher retains.
6. Smokey over Marco Del Oro

Post-match, you see words on the tron saying “Arcan > Smokey” and you hear Arcan saying “Arcan is greater than Smokey…any questions”

7. Scott Sapp over Brett Haskins None
8. Cody Barnett © vs Johnny Metal Match for the BATTLE PRO World Championship.

BATTLE PRO Episode Four:

Participants/Outcome Notes
1. Evan O’Shea over Johnny Sinclair None
2. BLK_OUT 2.0 over Black Blood Soldiers BBS None
3. Butcher’s Choice w/ Brian “King” Taylor For the BATTLE PRO Infinite Championship. Mark Butcher retains.
4. Skyerra over The Major Players None
5. Cody Barnett over Rex Morbi Post-match, Gizarmo attacks Morbi and lays him out with the Gizarmo Driver
6. Arcan over Smokey None

BATTLE PRO Episode Five:

Participants/Outcome Notes
1. Super KENJI & TJ Kennedy over Vin Taylor & ???

-Brent Haskins is reveiled as Taylor's Partner.

-Haskins tries to make the tag, and Taylor drops off the apron and walks to the back, then KENJI and Kennedy finish off Haskins.

2. Arcan over Evan O’Shea None
3. UlMutoh over The Punk Movement None
4. Rex Morbi (w/ Genocide) over Marcus King The Black Cathedral cut the lights, when the lights come back on Genocide throws Morbi a chair, costing King the match.
5. Jeremy Barnett over Smokey Post-match, Arcan comes out and mocks Smokey about how he doesn’t have it anymore, Smokey assaults Arcan

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