BDW CyberSlam 2009
Promotion DWF/BDW
Date April 2009
City Chicago, Illinois
Attendence N/A

BDW CyberSlam 2009 was an Click-Per-View produced by The Dynasty Wrestling Franchise. It featuredsuperstars from DWF's Brain Dead Wrestling brand.


BDW Championship Tournement Semi-Final

Sweet Diddy Mick Defeated Chet Reklowski

BDW Championship Tournement Semi-Final

Jim Riley Defeated Wombles

Wombles Got Disqualified and injured Riley, Riley had to withdraw from the tournement.

Singles Match

Ricky Yoshuouri Defeated Kyle 'The Juice' Kriner

Tag Team Tables Turmoil

BDW World Tag Team Championship

SuperSized Defeated PM, Roberto T & J-Mac, The Latrella Boyz, Andrew Torres & Ty Mysterio Jr, James Synite & Ari Dentos And Leon Cyberman & 'Primetime' Ron Johnson

TEAM 1: The Latrella Boyz

TEAM 2: Andrew Torres & Ty Mysterio Jr

TEAM 3: J-Mac & Roberto T

TEAM 4: Leon Cyberman & 'Primetime' Ron Johnson

TEAM 5: James Synite & Ari Dentos

TEAM 6: PM (C)


Vancouver House Of Fun Match

Tithead Defeated The Demon Boy

Cruiserweight Open Challenge

BDW Cruiserweight Championship

Roijin Anko Defeated Wollenbump

Extreme Rules Match

Tommy Skywalker Defeated 'Magnificent' Chris Collins

Singles Match

BDW Championship

Sweet Diddy Mick Defeated Tithead

Hell In A Cell Match

Blackcoat McMahon Defeated Blake 'Stunna' Skills

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