The BYU/EBA Royal Showdown is an annual professional wrestling click-per-view (CPV) event held by Back Yards United (BYU). The event's main feature is a single-elimination tournament, entitled the Royal Showdown, giving the winner a world title shot at BYU/EBA Summer Bash. The click-per-view is part of BYU's "Big Four", along with Summer Bash, Lethal Lottery, and Dynasty.

BYU Royal Showdown 2008

Qualifying matches

  • First Round
    • Overdrive First Round
      • C.J. Hawkins defeated Brent Collins
      • Napalm defeated Mr. Mammot
      • Dave Williams defeated Brandon Collins
      • Big Mike Mills defeated Wrath
      • Donavan Griffin defeated Natrix
      • Ashley Dunn defeated Danzig
      • Sypher defeated Mike Angel
      • David the Ghetto Kid defeated Anarchy
    • Aftershock First Round
      • Greg Hearst defeated Bia Mysterio
      • Slayer defeated Dan Manson
      • Steve Farrell defeated Kiddmeizter
      • Psyko Edge defeated Bryan Vanderpool
      • El Diablo defeated Ricky Slayder
      • Brandon Moore defeated Brian Mooney
      • Scorpion defeated Shadow M.C.
      • Danny Legend defeated Skull
  • Second Round
    • Overdrive Quarterfinals
      • C.J. Hawkins defeated Napalm
      • Dave Williams defeated Big Mike Mills
      • Ashley Dunn defeated Donavan Griffin
      • Sypher defeated David the Ghetto Kid
    • Aftershock Quarterfinals
      • Greg Hearst defeated Slayer
      • Steve Farrell defeated Psyko Edge
      • Brandon Moore defeated El Diablo
      • Danny Legend defeated Scorpion


Royal Showdown tournament
  • Quarterfinals
    • Overdrive Semifinals
      • C.J. Hawkins defeated Dave Williams
      • Ashley Dunn defeated Sypher
    • Aftershock Semifinals
      • Greg Hearst defeated Steve Farrell
      • Danny Legend defeated Brandon Moore
  • Semifinals
    • Overdrive Finals
      • C.J. Hawkins defeated Ashley Dunn
    • Aftershock Finals
      • Danny Legend defeated Greg Hearst
  • Finals
  • Vincent (Aftershock) defeated Psyko Edge (Aftershock) in a tables match.
  • Steven Kell (EBA) defeated Big D. (Overdrive) in an open challenge made by Rob Darby.
  • Tyrant (EBA) defeated Christopher Helmsley (Aftershock) in an open challenge made by Rob Darby.
  • Mike Angel (Overdrive) defeated Slayer (Aftershock) to retain the BYU European Championship.
  • M.T. Wallet (Aftershock) defeated Juvy (Overdrive) in a no-disqualification match to win the BYU World Heavyweight Championship.
However, during the match, Wallet pinned Juvy despite that Juvy's feet were beneath the ropes. Therefore, Juvy refused to lose the title to Wallet as a statement. Overdrive has claimed power of all "Original" BYU Championships on Overdrive Episode 8. Due to consequence, all championships would never be defended on Aftershock.

BYU Royal Showdown 2009

Qualifying matches

  • First Round
    • Overdrive First Round
      • Tyrant defeated Natrix
      • LvG defeated Cody Hawkins
      • Donavan Griffin defeated Wrath
      • Dave Williams defeated P.J. Matthews
      • Alex Ohlson defeated Ash Draven
      • Lee Andrews defeated Adam James Urwin
      • Jack Fox defeated L.B. Voltage
      • Napalm defeated Tommy Gunn
    • Aftershock First Round
      • Brandon Moore defeated Nathan Elliott
      • Chris Taylor defeated Greg Hearst
      • Chris Goodwin defeated Chris Cryptic
      • Josh Wall defeated M.T. Wallet
      • Alex McConnell defeated Dan Van Vertigo
      • Ashley Dunn defeated Big D.
      • Jesus Jr. defeated Ace Reed
      • El Diablo defeated Chris Marsh
    • EBA First Round
      • DiPietro defeated Scuby
      • Quake defeated Avenger
      • Kevin Johnson defeated 2 Hardcore J.C.
      • Heavy-D. defeated The Nail
      • Steven Kell defeated The Smithster
      • Brent Collins defeated David the Ghetto Kid
      • Danny Madness defeated Adam Owens
      • Big Mike Mills defeated Dennis Anderson
      • Anarchy defeated Briam Mooney
      • Dan Manson defeated Eric Anderson
      • Danzig defeated Lockdown
      • Plague defeated Nick Adams
      • Psyko Edge defeated Pyro
      • Rob Darby defeated Hollywood Phallus
      • Tony Joxer defeated Lee Masters
      • Travis defeated Exile
  • Second Round
    • Overdrive Quarterfinals
    • Aftershock Quarterfinals
    • EBA Second Round
  • Third Round
    • Overdrive Semifinals
    • Aftershock Semifinals
    • EBA Quarterfinals


Royal Showdown tournament
  • Quarterfinals
    • Overdrive Finals
    • Aftershock Finals
    • Aftershock Semifinals
  • Semifinals
    • BYU Finals
    • EBA Finals
  • Finals
After the match, Sypher attacked Hawkins with a chair. After that, he and the Mystery Masked Man seemed to be in cahoots.
  • Steve Farrell defeated Shadow M.C. to retain the BYU Championship with interference from Juvy.
After the match, Juvy brutally assaulted both M.C. and Farrell to end the show.

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