The BYU/EBA Summer Bash is an annual professional wrestling click-per-view (CPV) event held every late summer by Back Yards United (BYU). The event is dubbed as "The Biggest Party of the Summer." The click-per-view is part of BYU's "Big Four", along with Royal Showdown, Lethal Lottery, and Dynasty.

BYU Summer Bash 2007

Date: August 11, 2007 Location: American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida


Results Stipulations
1 The Collins Brothers (Dean & Mike) defeated Slayer & Bia Mysterio (c) Tag team match for the BYU Tag Team Championship
2 Scuby & Exile defeated The Angelz (Dean & Mike)   First blood match 
3 Dan Manson & Brian Mooney defeated The Andersons (Dennis & Eric)  Tag team hardcore match
4 Greg Hearst defeated Big Mike Mills  Singles match
5 MT Wallet (c) defeated Brandon Moore   Singles match for the BYU North American Championship
6 CJ Hawkins defeated Wrath No disqualification match
7 Danzig defeated The Tormentor  Danzig Rules match
8 Psyko Edge defeated Genesis (Scorpion & Skull) Handicap tables match
9 Vincent defeated Christopher Helmsley  Singles match
10 Big D defeated Sypher (c)  Singles match for the BYU Championship

BYU Summer Bash 2008

Ace Reed VS Danzig

European Championship Big Mike (c) VS Natrix

Genesis VS Mc Coalition

Nathan Elliott VS Anarchy

EBA Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match Heavy D/Joxer VS Danny Madness/Nick Adams VS The Anderson's

Unlimited Championship Psyko Edge VS El Diablo VS Josh Wall VS Kiddmeizter

World Tag Team Championship 2/3 Fall Elimination Tag Napalm/Blaze (c) VS The Collin's

Chris Goodwin Donovan Griffin PJ Matthews VS Wrath Dean Angel Mike Angel

Extreme Warfare Match BYU U.S.Championship 1st Fall table Match 2nd Fall Street Fight 3rd Fall Hell In A Cell Chris Cryptic VS Shadow MC

Hardcore Championship Dipietro (c) VS Alex McConnel

Steel Cage Match Sypher VS Psycho Kid

Steve Farrell VS Christopher Helmsley

BYU North American Championship Cadaverous (c) VS Ashley Dunn

EBA Championship Tyrant (c) VS Shawn Matthews

Last Man Standing Match Dave Williams VS Brandon Moore

BYU Tag Team Championship The Wannamaker's VS Slayer/Bia Mysterio

BYU Championship MT Wallet (c) VS Vincent VS Danny Legend

World Heavyweight Championship Juvy (c) VS CJ Hawkins


Results Stipulations
1 Ace Reed defeated Danzig Singles match
2 Natrix defeated Big Mike (c)  Singles match for the BYU European Championship
3 Mc Coalition (Allen King & Josh Topson) defeated Genesis (Scorpion & Skull) Tag team match
4 Nathan Elliott defeated Anarchy Singles match
5 The Andersons (Dennis & Eric) defeated Heavy D & Joxer and Danny Madness & Nick Adams Triple team match for the vacant EBA Tag Team Championship
6 El Diablo defeated Psyko Edge, Josh Wall and Kiddmeizter Fatal 4-way match for the vacant BYU Unlimited Championship
7 The Collins (Brandon & Brent) defeated Napalm & Blaze (c)  Tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship
8 Donovan Griffin, Wrath & Mike Angel defeated Chris Goodwin, PJ Matthews & Dean Angel 3 on 3 tag team match
9 Shadow MC defeated Chris Cryptic Extreme warfare match for the vacant BYU United States Championship
10 Dipietro (c) defeated Alex McConnel Hardcore match for the BYU Hardcore Championship  
11 Psycho Kid defeated Sypher Steel cage match 
12 Steve Farrell defeated Christopher Helmsley Singles match


Ashley Dunn defeated Cadaverous (c) Singles match for the BYU North American Championship 
14 Tyrant (c) defeated Shawn Matthews Singles match for the EBA Championship
15 Dave Williams defeated Brandon Moore Last man standing match
16 The Wannamakers (John & Mike) (c) defeated Slayer & Bia Mysterio Tag team match for the BYU Tag Team Championship
17 MT Wallet (c) defeated Vincent and Danny Legend Triple threat match for the BYU Championship
18 CJ Hawkins defeated Juvy (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

BYU/EBA Summer Bash 2009

Overdrive Match BYU European Championship 6 way Elimination Ash Draven VS Adam James Urwin VS Wrath VS Lee Andrews VS Alex Ohlson (c) VS PJ Matthews

Aftershock Match Christopher Helmsley VS Ace Reed

Overdrive World Tag Team EBA Tag Team Title Unification Match The Angels VS The Andersons

Aftershock Jesus Jr VS Big D

Overdrive No DQ Match Danny Legend VS LB Voltage

Aftershock BYU Cruserweight Champion Josh Wall (c) VS "The" Chris Marsh

Overdrive El Diablo VS Cody Hawkins

Aftershock BYU World T.V Championship Dan Van Vertigo VS Greg Hearst VS Chris Cryptic

Overdrive Dave Williams VS Natrix

Aftershock 6 Man Extreme War Match David "The Ghettho Kid Big Mike And Rich Wannamaker VS A+ ChristianU2Ber And JoshU2Ber

Overdrive BYU North American Championship Donovan Griffin VS Jack Fox

Aftershock Chris Taylor VS MT Wallet

Aftershock BYU Tag Team Championship The Wannamakers (c) VS McGoodwin

Dipietro VS Vincent

Overdrive LvG VS Cadaverous

Aftershock BYU United States And EBA Internet Championship Unification Matchup Brandon Moore VS Steven Kell

Overdrive Tyrant VS Sypher

Aftershock BYU Championship VS EBA Championship Title Unification Match Steve Farrell VS Shawn Matthews

Overdrive World Heavyweight Championship CJ Hawkins (c) VS Ashley Dunn

Aftershock 3 stages of Hell End Of And Era Match Looser Leaves Aftershock 1st Fall: Singles 2nd Fall: Death Match 3rd Fall: Hell In A Cell

Shadow MC VS Juvy


Results Stipulations
1 Alex Ohlson (c) defeated Ash Draven, Adam James Urwin, Wrath, Lee Andrews and PJ Matthews Six pack challenge for the BYU European Championship 
2 Christopher Helmsley defeated Ace Reed  Singles match 
3 The Andersons (Dennis & Eric) defeated The Angels (Dean & Mike) World Tag Team Championship vs. EBA Tag Team Championship
4 Big D defeated Jesus Jr  Singles match
5 Danny Legend defeated LB Voltage   No disqualification match
6 "The" Chris Marsh defeated Josh Wall (c) Singles match for the BYU Cruiserweight Championship
7 El Diablo defeated Cody Hawkins Singles match
8 Chris Cryptic defeated Dan Van Vertigo (c) and Greg Hearst Triple threat match for the BYU Television Championship
9 Dave Williams defeated Natrix Singles match
10 David "The Ghetto Kid", Big Mike & Rich Wannamaker defeated A+, ChristianU2Ber & JoshU2Ber   3 on 3 extreme war match
11 Jack Fox defeated Donovan Griffin (c) Singles match for the BYU North American Championship
12 Chris Taylor defeated MT Wallet   Singles match
13 McGoodwin (Alex McConnell & Chris Goodwin) defeated The Wannamakers (John & Mike) (c) Tag team match for the BYU Tag Team Championship
14 Vincent defeated Dipietro Singles match
15 Cadaverous defeated LVG Singles match
16 Brandon Moore defeated Steven Kell BYU United States Championship vs EBA Internet Championship
17 Sypher defeated Tyrant   Singles match
18 Shawn Matthews defeated Steve Farrell BYU Championship vs. EBA Championship
19 Ashley Dunn defeated CJ Hawkins (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
20 Juvy defeated Shadow MC 3 stages of hell end of an era match  

BYU Summer Bash 2010


Results Stipulations
Preshow LVG defeated Wrath Singles match
1 Anarchy defeated Jett Kippen (c), Dylan Creese, PJ Matthews and Ash Draven Scramble match for the BYU Light Heavyweight Championship
2 Taylor Pistelli defeated Jessica Smith Singles match for the vacant BYU Diva's Championship
3 Team Hammard (Pyro & Raiden) defeated Team Riot (Cory Diamond & Ryan Rebel) (c) Tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship
4 Danzig vs MT Wallet Danzig's open challenge
5 Daten Hearts defeated Lindsie Donsboary Singles match for the vacant BYU Womens Championship
6 Hammer Gascoyne defeated Christopher Helmsley Singles match
7 Shawn O' Conner (c) defeated Cadaverous and Steven Kell Triple threat match for the BYU Hardcore Championship
8 Cryptic Connection (Chris Cryptic & AC Nirvana) defeated McGoodwin (Alex McConnel & Chris Goodwin) (c) Tag team match for the BYU Tag Team Championship
9 Cody Hawkins (c) defeated Matt Demorest Singles match for the BYU European Championship
10 Steve Farrell defeated Big Mike Mills Singles match
11 Free Sin & Dix Diablos defeated Dipietro & Lee Andrews Tag team match
12 Livewire (c) vs. The Pen Name vs. Chris Castle vs. Jamie Ecstacy vs. B-Snow; draw Scramble match for the BYU Cruiserweight Championship
13 Shadow MC defeated Extreme Dan Singles match
14 David Extreme Kid defeated Chris Marsh (c) Singles match for the BYU Television Championship
15 Donovan Griffin defeated Tyrant Singles match
16 Sypher defeated Awax Last man standing match
17 Jesus jr. defeated Domi (c) Singles match for the BYU United States Championship
18 Dave Williams defeated Alex Ohlson (c) Singles match for the BYU North American Championship
19 The Executioner defeated Josh Wall Singles match
20 CJ Hawkins defeated El Diablo Singles match
21 Juvy defeated Big D Street fight
22 Ashley Dunn (c) defeated Vincent Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
23 Jack Fox defeated Brandon Moore (c) Singles match for the BYU Championship

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