For Aftershock's 1st secondary equivalent, see BYU United States Championship.

The BYU North American Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling championship contested for in Back Yards United's Overdrive brand. It is the original 1st secondary championship of BYU.

# Wrestler Reigns Date Notes
BYU North American Heavyweight Championship
1 M.T. Wallet 1  ? Won in a triple threat match involving Greg Hearst and HanZ0 to become the first BYU North American Champion at BYU Vendetta 2007.
2 C.J. Hawkins 1  ? Won at BYU Dynasty 2007.
The title was defended on both shows due to the 2008 BYU Brand Extension.
3 Ashley Dunn 1  ? Won at BYU Vendetta 2008, he was from Overdrive.
The title was exclusive to Overdrive at BYU Overdrive Episode 8 after the 2008 BYU Royal Showdown incident.
4 Cadaverous 1  ? Won at BYU Thursday Night Mayhem III.
5 Ashley Dunn 2  ? Won at BYU Summer Bash 2008.
6 Dave Williams 1  ? Won at BYU Overdrive Episode 14.
7 Sypher 1  ? Won at BYU Thursday Night Mayhem VI.
8 Donavan Griffin 1  ? Won in a fatal four way elimination match involving Dave Williams and L.B. Voltage at Overdrive presents BYU Vendetta 2009.

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